113 Prophecy strikes Russian Plane Crash


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Flight 9268 Crash

Another Hit for Sollog’s 113 Prophecy


Over and over my 113 Prophecy has claimed many lives.

Yet another plane crash has taken over 200 lives.

October 31st 2015

10/31 is the date

113 is in the date

Here is my prophecy about 113 and how PLANE CRASHES and other events that claim many lives will occur OVER AND OVER.


The 113 Prophecy was released on March 8th 2002 which was 13 years ago.

Here is a link to PROVE I warned of 113 and PLANE CRASHES in the future.


The location of this plane crash was the same SOLSTICE LINE where Air France 447 crashed as well. This SUMMER SOLSTICE LINE of ancient energy is featured in my book SOLSTICE LINES and it is where many ancient monuments are located including the Nazca Lines, the ancient pyramids of Giza and the Temple Mount of Jerusalem.

The Winter Solstice Line and Summer Solstice Line intersect near where this plane was destroyed. Ancient Energy DESTROYED the plane.

This is the image from my book SOLSTICE LINES showing how the two major Solstice Lines on earth intersect near this tragedy.

Solstice Lines
Solstice Lines

This image from my book SOLSTICE LINES shows all the ancient monuments connected to the energy line that destroyed flight 9268.

There are several such energy lines that connect to almost every major plane crash around the world and form the Triangles of Death featured in my book.

Summer Solstice Line
Summer Solstice Line

The crash was on the 33rd Degree of Longitude which was featured in my recent book The 33rd Degree.

My Passover Blood Moon Prophecy warned of a plane crash on a Solstice Line and how 113 would be in the date.






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