2016: Triangle UFOs maintain elusive nature


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PictureIllustration 1. Witness illustration from Case 73718. (MUFON)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Please see additional photos and illustrations at the end of this report. 

By Roger Marsh
MUFON Director of Communications

The triangle UFO is my favorite shape to report on for several reasons. The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) receives a lot of reports of this shape, and the witness testimony is some of the most compelling where the craft is silent and very close to the ground – often just skimming the tops of homes and businesses or local tree tops as it meanders along – and then just as quickly as it appeared – it moves away incredibly fast until it’s a mere speck of light in the distance.

Back in July 2016, I wrote a MUFON UFO Journal cover story where I studied all triangle cases from January 1, 2016, through May 21, 2016. With the help of colleagues Director of Strategic Projects Richard Hoffman, Director of Research Robert Powell, and Archivist Cassidy Nicholas – I cataloged the best cases and allowed the group to choose what they thought were the best cases from the group.

That turned up 15 most interesting cases. I am attaching that feature story below for the public to read, but updating you on three of those cases. California Case 75510 was closed as Information Only; Arizona Case 75548 closed as Insufficient Data; and California Case 75837 closed as an Identified Flying Object.

Since this brief study, MUFON has received 91 additional triangle cases worldwide that have closed as Unknowns; where 66 of those cases occurred between May 22 and December 22, 2016 – and 59 of that final set occurred within the U.S.

Here are a few links to recent low flying triangle reports.

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And here is the story published this past July 2016 for our Journal readers.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The triangle UFO remains the second most-reported shape in recent years, neck-to-neck with discs, according to statistics from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. The sphere is the most-reported shape.

MUFON receives a steady stream of triangle reports, including cases where the object is under 500 feet – offering the witness a rather close-up opportunity to inspect what appears to be a manufactured and intelligently-controlled ship that makes no sound and can move into and out of an airspace quickly like no known craft.

The following 15 cases occurred between January 1, 2016, and May 21, 2016. Ten of these cases were investigated and closed as an Unknown – and the other seven are still under investigation, but appear to be good cases.

January 4, 2016. Case 73718. Lower Moreland Township, PA, is an hour’s drive northeast of Philadelphia with a population of about 13,000. The witness and her teenage daughter were driving home at 8:20 p.m. when they first saw a single orb of light about a mile ahead of them. The object turned toward the two, revealing the typical triangle UFO description of yellow-white lights at the three apexes and a single red light centering the underbelly.
“As we turned left into our neighborhood, the triangle moved parallel to us, almost directly above us,” the witness stated. “Although it was night, both my daughter and I could make out the silhouette of the object between the three lights. I immediately said, ‘It looks like the stealth bomber!’ We were both in awe! Within a few seconds, the triangle went from an observable object right above us to three lights disappearing on the horizon. Amazing!”
See Illustration #1.

January 7, 2016. Case 73753. Three days later and about 300 miles directly west in Pittsburgh, PA, and at nearly the same time – 8:30 p.m.  – the witness was outside walking his dog – scanned the sky – and was shocked.

“I looked up and stopped in my tracks,” the witness stated. “There was a large, black object, that did not reflect any light to the north of my location. It appeared to almost absorb light because there was zero reflection.”

The witness filed nearly the same object description – especially the craft’s lighting configuration.

“It appeared triangular in shape with three white lights on each corner. There was one red, blinking light that flashed with a constant frequency that appeared to be in the middle of the bottom of the craft. It was not flat, which could make the object appear different to viewers at different angles. After passing in front it looked triangular. But after passing in front it looked rectangular. It was way larger than any other craft I have ever seen and totally silent. It left no trail. I can’t even begin to describe how large this craft really was, just enormous.”

The witness’s wife also saw the object. They attempted a photo, but nothing showed up.

See Illustrations 2 through 5.

January 13, 2016. Case 73868. Six days later and following the same line moving west, we travel from Pittsburgh, PA, about another 180 miles directly west to New Albany, OH.

6:10 a.m. The witness is standing at his kitchen sink and looking out the window and notices three very bright lights forming a triangle moving slowly west to east.

“I then could make out that it was dark in color with the short end ‘width’ of the craft estimated to be 300 to 400 feet and the length to be 600 to 700 feet. I immediately ran out to my front driveway to witness it being stationary and rotating on its axis without a sound. I then realized that I was watching something that is life changing. I will never forget this event. At this moment I was trying to video the craft when the lights dimmed and two went completely out. Only one dim light was present as the craft rotated. I could still make out the shape because of its size. I was amazed as it slowly moved to the southeast where two commercial airplanes were heading east and northeast just a few thousand feet above the craft. At that moment the craft just disappeared as I watched. I tried to view my video to see if I caught anything but there was nothing I could make out.”

January 13, 2016. Case 74492. Just 11 hours and 18 minutes later, and again following roughly the same line moving west out of New Albany, OH – about 800 miles this time – we travel to Omaha, NE.

5:38 p.m. An on-duty security officer is at a stop sign in a Walmart parking lot and looks up.

“I was patrolling the area of Walmart, and looked up and saw the triangle craft,” the witness stated. “When I first saw the craft I knew right off what it was. The object was bright, having only three lights. It moved slowly for about several seconds and then just disappeared. I kept my eyes on the object. The triangle craft just vanished in the night sky.”

January 19, 2016. Case 73987. Six days later, and dipping about 760 miles southeast of Omaha, to Nolensville, TN, another triangle UFO is spotted.

7:30 p.m. The witness is driving home and notices a hovering object with bright search lights on hanging over a nearby quarry and pulls over for a better look.

“The object was initially stationary over a small rock quarry,” the witness stated. “It then started to move in a northeast direction; not very quickly. It was moving a very slow pace for an aircraft. The craft was just above the tree line and electrical lines.”

The witness was very excited. The photos he shot did not show the object at all.

“To see something that has the ability to hover, move, and not make a single noise is amazing.”

The object was quickly lost to his view as it moved on. Then the witness noticed something else.

“Shortly after the craft started moving off, a black helicopter flew over the area where the craft was at. Within another minute or two a second black helicopter flew in the direction of the craft. The hovering craft did not make any sound, but both helicopters made plenty of noise as they passed overhead.”

February 29, 2016. Case 74888. Forty-one days later and 550 miles southeast of Nolensville, we travel to Alachua, FL. The lighting description is a bit different here.

8:30 p.m. Three witnesses in a van driving along Route 441 notice a black, triangle-shaped object accelerating across the sky.

“With a white light on each of the three corners, and with red lights in with the white on each edge of triangle shape and a faint red line outlining the ship. It was a visible shape. No sound and it quickly moved across the sky and was gone almost immediately.”

March 8, 2016. Case 75119. Eight days later and moving almost directly north about 1,000 miles we travel to Cleveland, OH.

10:21 p.m. The witness is driving along I-90 and notices a slow-moving object moving south.

“As it got closer and closer I thought it might be a group of helicopters,” the witness stated. “But they were in too tight of a cluster. I saw a constellation of lights that were in that abstract sort of triangular form. As the craft got closer, I kept looking up and I saw that there was a slightly lighter color to the body than the dark sky. There were lights on all three corners and in between the corners was a dazzling white very, very, white, bright, bright light. On the bottom there was a flashing red light.”

The witness emphasized the object was flying very slow and low to the ground.

“The craft was traveling very slowly. It was probably four to six telephone poles off the ground – not regular telephone poles, but the kind of tall ones that are along the interstate. If this craft was indeed triangular, it appeared to be traveling backwards away from the point. There was an aspect of this triangular pattern that was a little bit hard to comprehend. The lights seemed to be pointing toward me, not so much at me but so bright that it looked like they were pointed at me, although it was not pointed at me at all. That’s how dazzling the lights were.”
The witness estimated the size of the object.

“I would guess this craft was between 40 and 60 feet long. It was west of exit 169 on I-90.”

March 29, 2016. Case 75510. Twenty-one days later and 2,300 miles southwest of Cleveland, we travel to Temecula, CA.

No time mentioned. The witness and his wife were in their backyard looking for shooting stars.

“We both saw what we thought at first was a flock of birds, then the object changed direction and shot off to the side,” the witness stated. “The object had no noise, was almost transparent with some white, no lights, no noise. Almost like the sky above was projected on the bottom.”

The witness estimated the altitude during the 7-10 second sighting.

“It is hard to describe, triangle shape, low to the ground under 1,000 feet, almost transparent.”

March 29, 2016. Case 75526. On the same day and 420 miles to the northwest we travel to Stockton, CA.
9:38 p.m. The witness is feeding her child a bedtime snack while she and her boyfriend are watching television.

“Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a flying object descending at a slow speed toward my living room window,” the witness stated. “I called my boyfriend over and we watched the UFO descend towards us in a slow motion speed. We noticed the object was completely silent and had four different colored lights in a row blinking (white, green, pink, white) one after another. The object was large in size. As it got closer we saw what looked like ancient detail on the craft. When the object passed directly over our roof, we lost sight of it.”

April 1, 2016. Case 75548. One day later and about 570 miles to the southeast we travel to Kingman, AZ.

6:30 p.m. The witness is four-wheeling in a remote canyon in the Cerbat Mountains.

“We stopped in a valley maybe a mile across and I was looking for game through my binoculars,” the witness stated. “As the sun set over the mountain top I noticed a distinct pattern on the slope in rear of canyon. As the light changed a bit darker I noticed movement of a very large area of the background. Then distinctly I noticed two black-winged things that resembled some type of kite – one in front of the other. As it continued to get darker a pattern appeared as if almost ancient Mayan/Aztec. There was something large out there and it was now too dark to see and my girlfriend was freaking so we drove out.”

Curious, the witness returned the following day with a friend.

“We noticed the same pattern at the rear of the canyon and waited until the sun set again to see if anything changed. Again as the sun set and it shaded the valley and the pattern on the terrain became different again except this time a definite shape was visible as it hovered maybe 100 to 200 feet above the valley floor. As the area got a bit darker we could both see a very large, triangular-shaped craft slowly moving across the valley floor south to north. It was very strange looking with a pattern of gold to dark rusty metal, covered with some ancient type of signs or writing. Not sure – looked Aztec/Mayan. Off the front was some type of boom structure with the two black-winged objects I had seen the night before. It made no sound and as it slowly moved the darkness made it vanish before our eyes. Two minutes later we did see a row of sequential lights appear moving above the mountain in front of us in a westerly direction. As we drove out, there were four aircraft flying east-to-west and north-to-south patterns over the area. Returned a third night to the valley and there were no signs of anything as we had seen previously.”

April 8, 2016. Case 75693. Seven days later and moving about 650 miles northwest we travel to Roseville, CA.
4:14 a.m. A California Highway Patrol officer is leaving work and looks up.

“A giant, bright, black triangular object descended from the clouds with three bright, white lights, like lights that would light up a stadium, abruptly turned, came about 30 feet and hovered directly above me, and then disappeared into the dark morning sky.”

The witness stated that he could not track the object.

“I watched it, and it seemed like when it saw me it was right above me. Started directly north and hovered above me, and then shot off about northwest of me. I do not know if I lost it in the dark sky or if it disappeared.”

The object was larger than a jet.

“The object was gigantic – at least 10 times bigger than a 747 jumbo jet. It had three bright, white lights at each end and a big red light in the middle. The red light was brighter than a stoplight. The object was completely silent – not a sound. It was dark black and solid. I checked my radar in my vehicle and nothing appeared to be out of the ordinary. When the object hovered directly over me, it only lasted about one minute, maybe less. Then it completely disappeared.”

But something happened immediately after the event.

“About two minutes later, a military helicopter that appeared to be solid black, flew by afterwards scoping the area, and did a circle about 20 miles in between and then took off north of me towards I-80. The helicopter made a lot of noise and it was not one of ours. The triangular object was gigantic, and it frightened me.”

April 14, 2016. Case 75837. Six days later and about 430 miles to the southeast we travel to Santa Ana, CA.

8:27 p.m. The witness is outside on the roof of the building he works in repairing an air conditioning unit.

“I went to sit down on a ledge and I glanced upwards to the smoggy mountains and then all of sudden I see a big black somewhat triangle-shaped object moving super-fast. This object made no sound. It was flying about legal limit as airplanes can fly at over a city. This is second time in the last two nights I’ve seen this type of object. At the same time too – at 8:30 p.m. Same rooftop.”

The witness described the object.

“As I looked at it, there was a pair of wings (not airplane type wings). They looked like very thin and straight like an old metal windmill, but as I said, very thin with little lights on the very end of the wings. The wings folded in very quick into the craft and expanded out just as fast. It then vanished into thin air. Didn’t even reach the smog.”

April 18, 2016. Case 75938. Four days later we travel 2,100 miles northeast to Pekin, IN.

11:26 p.m. The witness is outside observing the sky.

“I had turned around heading to the house when out of nowhere an appearance of a large craft appeared at the south of my woods,” the witness stated. “I only observed the back of the craft. It initiated lights on very bright on the back of the craft and initiated forward lights on both sides, but they did not light up the ground or woods below – just brightness on the craft and then from right-to-left red light back-and-forth. The lights were white with a tinge of yellow. The craft was heading south toward the knobs, and then blipped out and was gone. I want to point out that the lights were very bright and it made it hard to adjust my vision to see the rest of the craft. I measured this morning the length of the rear end of the craft of what I could see and it was in the measurement of 90 to 100 feet across.”

May 9, 2016. Case 76388. Twenty-one days later and traveling about 800 miles northeast we arrive in Adams, NY.
11:45 p.m. The witness was a passenger in a vehicle driven by her boyfriend southbound along Route 11 between Watertown and Adams.

“We saw lights on the road up ahead and the picture just didn’t make sense to us,” the witness stated. “At first it looked to me like maybe a fire truck up ahead or something, but the closer we got the less sense the image we were seeing made. We continued in that direction, and came up on them fast, within seconds. They were in fact closer to us than I thought, maybe a quarter-mile from where we first noticed the lights. We had to slow down fast or we would have driven right underneath and past them.”

The boyfriend brought the vehicle to a stop.

“These things were drifting across the road right in front of us. We were driving south so they were drifting across the road in a southwest direction. And right over the road in front of us they turned around and drifted back the direction they had been coming from – northeast. Because they turned around in front of us we got to see just about every angle of these things except the top, so it was not an optical illusion and we could tell how close they were to each other and to us. We saw them up close, clearly, and in 3-D.”

The witness described the objects.

“They had blinking lights, red and white only, the whole time we saw them. I had turned off the heat and radio as we came upon them, and I immediately stuck my head right out the window for the best angle, and two things struck me right away. First; the silence. They made no noise that I could detect above the noise of our vehicle, which is not loud. Second; their proximity to each other. They were so close together I would think they would be bumping into each other. When they turned around I thought we were going to witness a crash, they were only a few feet from each other. And they never split up when they were in our sights, but they moved independently, not like they were attached. The craft were about the size of limousines, lazily floating over the road not far above the telephone poles. They were both triangular, but they were not the same. One was a wider triangle, like you might picture a military drone or something, but the other one was a skinny pointy triangle. Both had, I believe, red blinking lights in the front corner on the bottom, and white blinking lights on the side corners on the bottom. Besides being triangular in shape and the lights, they were completely featureless, at least from the bottom and sides. Just perfect triangles, no other angles or patterns at all. Just black.”

The witness was very close to the object and got a good look.

“We were so close that if there was any other detail to notice in their shape, we would have seen it. We should have been able to see detail but it was just their outlines, the lights, and flat matte black. There were stars out and they blocked their light, blocked the lighter color of the horizon behind them. There was no light reflecting off them, and there should have been. There were all these lights like I said, and not one glimmer of a reflection off any part of them. And the lights that came off them were bright, but not blinding. There was no glare, even so close. And my eyes have a problem with glare and bright lights. But not these. After they turned around and we just gawked for what seemed like minutes but must have been seconds, a spotlight shone coming from the side of I think the skinny one, right off the tip of the wing or side corner of the triangle. It shone in our direction but I think it shone over us not right on us. And then they were drifting over the trees back in the direction they seemed to have come from. I told my boyfriend to hurry up and chase them and not to lose them. I kept my eyes on them and could see the lights through the trees, directed the boyfriend where to go, but I lost them through the trees. I could see them and then they were just nowhere.”

May 21, 2016. Case 76512. Twelve days later and 550 miles to the southwest we arrive at Charlottesville, VA.
9 p.m. The witness and her husband are driving along Barracks Road when her husband points out the object.
“I looked out the window and stopped in the road when I saw it was hovering almost slightly above us,” the witness stated. “Distance cannot be determined – maybe 2,500 feet above. It had several bright, white lights, some flashing, others remained constant.”

The two witnesses felt as though the object was watching them.

“Intuitively, we sensed that it sensed us and perhaps saw us stop our car in the middle of the road, to which it then hovered for at least 10 seconds. Then it continued on a low altitude path.”

The witness managed to get a photo of the object as it moved away.

“We turned around and watched it, and I took a quick photo, that unfortunately did not do justice, but shows two bright, white lights as it continued on its path. In the picture there are buildings, and above one building, you can see the two white lights.”


Illustration 2. Witness illustrations from Case 73753. (MUFON)


Illustrations 3. Witness illustrations from Case 73753. (MUFON)


Illustrations 4. Witness illustrations from Case 73753. (MUFON)


Illustrations 5. Witness illustrations from Case 73753. (MUFON)


Illustrations 6. Witness illustrations from Case 73868. Words are unedited.


Illustrations 7. Witness illustrations from Case 73868. Words are unedited.


Illustration 8. Witness illustration from Case 74492.


Illustration 9. Alachua, FL, Case 74888.


Illustration 10. Witness illustration from Case 75119.


Illustration 11. Witness illustration, Case 75526. Text unedited. (MUFON)


Illustration 12. Witness photo from Case 76512. (MUFON)

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