3 Plane Crashes in 90 Days forms 90 Degree Triangle


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THIS VIDEO WAS POSTED December 22nd 2014


A map of the world explains how the three plane crashes that have just occurred within 90 days of each other forms a perfect 90 degree triangle and THE MAP about THREE PLANE CRASHES and THE TRIANGLE OF DEATH appeared in a Youtube Video just before the first plane crashed. See youtube.com/watch?v=V_kBjGALHpk

You heard it right, the three plane plane crashes form a 90 degree triangle and the fact that such a triangle would form and the locations of it was put into a YOUTUBE VIDEO before the first crash even occurred. See youtube.com/watch?v=V_kBjGALHpk

On December 22, 2014 a YOUTUBE VIDEO went live warning of THREE PLANE CRASHES and THE TRIANGLE OF DEATH.

It literally gave the exact two locations where two planes then crashed and it explained how a TRIANGLE would be involved in these locations.

The person that gave literally THE FUTURE LOCATIONS of three plane crashes that then struck within 90 days of his YOUTUBE VIDEO and how these locations form a 90 degree TRIANGLE OF DEATH  is called THE NEW NOSTRADAMUS by the media. His name is SOLLOG and his site is www.Sollog.com

Carol Reidy the CEO of Simon & Schuster and John Savage the CEO of Macmillian have been in contact with the literary agent of the man who claims to TIME TRAVEL. These heavy weights in the publishing world are being given an opportunity to bid on the 100+ book catalog of the MAN WHO TIME TRAVELS for real. He is about to become the most famous author in history since he has proven HE CAN TIME TRAVEL.

His newest book is titled appropriately I TIME TRAVEL.

Can it be by warning in a YOUTUBE VIDEO that THREE PLANES WOULD SOON CRASH and giving exact locations where two then crashed and using a simple reference to a DEATH TRIANGLE that is now visible on a world map PROVES HE CAN TIME TRAVEL?

For over 20 years the TIME TRAVELER has amazed his fans around the world by giving EXACT DETAILS of historic major loss of life events such as TWA 800, the crash of the Concorde, 911, the 2004 Tsunami and the 2011 Fukushima Nuclear disaster in his writings which have been archived with TIME STAMPS in Usenet now for around 20 years.

He has been mentioned by assholes in the major media at Der Spiegel and the Washington Post and he will soon be mentioned by pretty much every major media in the world due to his PLANE CRASH VIDEO that is destined now to become the #1 Video in the history of Youtube. Exactly as he stated would happen IN THE PLANE CRASH VIDEO.

So anyone can see PROOF in his amazing video that the TIME TRAVELER has given the world exact details of THE FUTURE before the events occurred.

Anyone can see a TIME STAMP of December 22nd 2014 on the amazing PLANE CRASH YOUTUBE VIDEO that could easily become the most watched video in the history of the Net once major media start to discuss his amazing hit of warning of 3 plane crashes and giving the locations before they happened.

3 Plane Crashes
3 Plane Crashes

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