A Huge Swarm Of Bees Hit Part Of London At Rush Hour

Chaos struck the busy shopping street of Greenwich Church Street, home of the famous Greenwich market in southeast London on Tuesday evening, as road and foot traffic was obstructed by an enormous swarm of bees.

Abigail Hering, who watched the scenes unfold from the nearby Beadoir jewelry shop which she runs, described the spectacle as ‘absolutely crazy’. She said at. First she became aware of an ‘underlying hum’ before she saw the huge swarm of bees clustering around the high street.

Swarm of bees stops London traffic

She said that the insects were swarming the streets, slowing down cars and causing panic and amusement in equal measures from passers-by. When Hering left the shop, she was forced to walk directly through the bee swarm. “I looked down, and I could see literally the front of me covered in bees. They were on me. They were on everybody. They were in your hair, on your top, ” she said. While this might sound like some people’s worst nightmare, Hering said, “It was quite exciting really.”

Traffic for London was alerted to the bee swarm after the insects decided to nestle on a traffic light on the busy shopping street and obstructed traffic. To prevent disruption, the traffic authorities decided to enlist the assistance of a local beekeeper, Phil Clarkson who attended the scene with his wife, Tracey. The couple drew the bee swarm away from the traffic lights with a mobile hive which they had fastened to the top of their vehicle. The operation went smoothly and calm was soon restored to the high street.

It has been reported that no one was stung or harmed during the unusual incident. According to Phil Clarkson, while a bee swarm might appear very frightening the insects are actually very docile and benign. “The likelihood of getting stung is very, very rare, and in most cases, it’s only when people swat them or squash them on their body that the bee will sting them, ” the veteran beekeeper explained.

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