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Hello folks!

Welcome to the Redditor UFO coffee meetup post. This post is for the organization of meetups for UFO related discussion. The r/UFOs Redditor Mapping Project has been active for over 2 months and has had the participation of over 145 people. Thank you! Together we are building up a network for discussion between each other, whether it be for investigating reports, or idle chit chat with a drink. An active community is an accomplished community.

With all the participation that we had, locations suitable for meetups have popped up all over the map. There are plenty of redditors who have expressed interest in chatting in person with members of this subreddit. So let's do it. Below is the list of locations that are confirmed and committed to hosting a UFO coffee.

The goal is to have 2 scheduled meetups for the month of August, on the first and third Saturday of the month. The official dates and time that the meetups will be held are August 5th and August 19th at 12 pm noon. Having 2 chances for meetups reduces attendance conflicts and provides ample enough opportunity to see what everyone thinks of doing these coffees.

Scheduled Coffee Locations (Confirmed and committed to)

  • Alaska: Fairbanks. August 5th and 19th at 12 PM noon, Denny’s on Airport Way. (ConcernedEarthling as greeter and seat filler)

Coffees will be held at locations similar to Denny's, McDonald's, Starbucks, or Barnes and Noble: A public place with refreshments and tables than can handle a small, talkative group.

The location for the coffee will be selected by the Honorary Greeter and Seat Filler, who will commit to being at their chosen venue at the time of noon.

It is really simple to be an Honorary Greeter and Seat Filler:

  • Pick a place.

  • Comment the place and the week you are committing to below.

  • Show up at (preferably just before) noon.

Once at the chosen location, the role of the Honorary Greeter and Seat Filler is still super simple: Let any attendants/waitstaff know to expect to seat anywhere from 1-5 people. If there are no waitstaff to notify, then find an empty table and wait for any customers who may look confused, like they are searching for a group. Redditors are often confused looking in public, anyway. 😛

Once people begin to arrive, the group may take the discussion any direction they like! Ideally, these meetups are for UFO discussion, so keep conversations productive, and avoid making it heated. Feel free to bring magazines or articles to share with each other and incite conversation.

Coffees will take as long as they wish, but expect to be there about an hour. If as an Honorary Greeter and Seat Filler nobody shows up for 30 minutes, it might be a safe bet that nobody will be coming, or folks gathered at a different table.

The Honorary Greeter and Seat Filler is what will make this all happen. Those folks who are at the below listed locations and who wish to volunteer to meet and greet other redditors at the designated time and place, can pat themselves on the back and comment below. Comment what venue you wish to have the coffee at (Starbucks, Denny's, etc), and whether you will commit to being there at noon during the first coffee (August 5th) or the second coffee (August 19th). And don't forget to pat yourself on the back.

Coffee locations that need an Honorary Greeter and Seat Filler (Not yet confirmed)

Other Countries

  • Australia: Sydney

  • United Kingdom: Leicester


  • Arizona: Phoenix

  • California: San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles

  • Colorado: Denver

  • Florida: Miami

  • Georgia: Atlanta

  • Illinois: Chicago

  • Indiana: Indianapolis

  • Kansas: Salina

  • Kentucky: Lexington, Cincinnati

  • Maryland: Baltimore

  • Massachusetts: Boston

  • Minnesota: Minneapolis

  • New York: New York

  • North Carolina: Greensboro

  • Ohio: Columbus

  • Oklahoma: Oklahoma City

  • Pennsylvania: Allentown, Lancaster

  • Texas: Austin, Fort Worth

  • Washington: Seattle

Any person who commits to being a greeter and seat filler will receive a thank you and an ego boost in the form of a private message on reddit from me (Wooey!). We have nearly 70K redditors on this subreddit, and that makes us a large and active community. Many of us have our own efforts and involvement in this phenomenon, but we struggle in collaboration and discussion with distance and walls between us. Let's talk over some tea or coffee or soda, eh? 🙂

For some background on how all of this has been developing:

r/UFOs Redditor Mapping Project

r/UFOs Redditor Google Map

The Planning and Volunteer Thread

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Listen to #1 Paranormal Podcast

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