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OKLAHOMA CITY – With the city of Roswell, New Mexico celebrating the 70th anniversary of the alleged “UFO crash” near that desert city, way back in July 1947, one author willing to follow the path of truth, wherever it takes him, is Nick Redfern.

And just in time for that anniversary, which will likely result in steady business at Roswell’s International UFO Museum and Research Center, Redfern has just released The Roswell UFO Conspiracy: Exposing a Shocking and Sinister Secret, published by Lisa Hagan Books, which Red Dirt Report reviewed here.

This new book is a follow-up and update to his groundbreaking 2005 book, Body Snatchers in the Desert.

Redfern is no stranger to the subject of UFOs and aliens, having written a number of compelling books on the topic over many years now. He’s an expert and well-regarded in the field of Ufology, at least among the intellectually honest folks who really want to know the truth.

And so for those who have spent their lives turning the alleged flying saucer crash at the Foster Ranch near Roswell into a sacred and holy event and one to never be questioned, Redfern’s research poses a challenge for those devoted to the “alien” angle.

Asked if he had originally planned to release the book this summer, to coincide with the 70th anniversary, Redfern, speaking to Red Dirt Report from his home in Texas, said not initially, as it was pretty much written last year. But when he realized 2017 would be a major anniversary, with talk of the “Roswell Incident,” on the lips of many, it made more sense to publish it now.

“You know, after Body Snatchers, I became public enemy number one in many of the chat rooms, particularly one called UFO Update,” he said, adding that since the new book has come out, the past 12 years have been kinder to his findings, as few if any negative comments have come out about The Roswell UFO Conspiracy.

Nevertheless, Redfern admits that much remains unknown, mainly because of documents covering the years 1945-51 are missing, according to the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) efforts made in the 1990’s, after New Mexico’s Republican U.S. Rep. Steven Schiff prompted further investigations into what happened back in ’47.

“All outgoing messages from ’45 to ’51 are gone. They’re still gone. Can’t be found now,” Redfern said.

But why those six years, if the alleged UFO crash only happened in 1947?

“A lot is shrouded in mystery,” Redfern said. “Who go to the site first. What (rancher Mac) Brazel knew, the wreckage, the bodies … we still don’t have a full, clear picture of what happened.”

Despite all that, Redfern upturned tables in the Church of “St. Roswell” by taking the Roswell mystery toward a far more terrestrial direction. Not the military-sanctioned “weather balloon” cover story, but in a far darker place where human beings were likely used in pre-Space Age high altitude experiments that resulted in both Japanese prisoners of war and handicapped and disabled people being essentially used as guinea pigs in these experiments. And they were known to be kept at the notorious Fort Stanton. For Redfern it was all beginning to add up.


In the new book, Redfern does share information collected by fellow researcher Kathy Kasten, who passed away in 2012. But Redfern was fortunate enough to be given many thousands of pages of research and material in multitudinous files Kasten’s family provided to Redfern, per her request before her death.

It was after Body Snatchers in the Desert was published, recalls Redfern, that Kasten connected with him and, after comparing notes, realized that their research – independent of one another – was matching up.

“It was so close to what I had been told, but none of my sources had talked to Kathy,” Redfern said.

Calling her a “funny and feisty character” who “didn’t stand for any nonsense,” Redfern said Kasten had initially been approaching the Roswell event as a possible alien saucer crash, with bodies aboard. But her research and her contacts – including, according to Redfern, the “Silent Partners,” who contacted Kasten psychically, via the Remote Viewing technique – directed her to Fort Stanton, New Mexico, a military facility located “a stone’s throw from Foster Ranch.”

These “Silent Partners,” likely trained Remote Viewers in Washington who wanted the truth to get out about Roswell, did so clandestinely, Redfern said, and led to her to discover that the aforementioned Japanese prisoners of war were made “offers they couldn’t refuse” to participate in these experiments in those murky, post-World War II years, as the Cold War heated up. Experiments giving LSD-25 to troops in Britain or placing handicapped people near atomic test sites in Australia, as the UK reportedly did during those years – if that could happen, and simply be human beings doing horrific things to fellow humans, why not Roswell being a test involving humans as well – perhaps even “enemy aliens” and not the “aliens” we think of today, like the Grays and so forth.

In any event, Redfern says that Kathy Kasten’s research made a lot of sense. But some things were just too dangerous to even write down, he suggests.

“It’s intriguing because in Kathy’s notes it clear that things are missing,” he said. “There were things he dared not put down on paper. Whatever it was went with her to the grave.”

“I thin k the important thing to note is that if Roswell was a UFO event, even I can admit that there are a number of UFO events that are legitimately genuine … highly credible reports of craft we were not flying back then,” Redfern said, adding, “I’m honest enough to admit I can’t be 100 percent for sure” on the Roswell case. “It’s the honest path to take.

Continuing, Redfern said he “believes in Ufology” but that doesn’t mean Roswell was an event involving extraterrestrials.

“Roswell has been elevated to number one in Ufology,” he said, noting that while it’s a “fascinating case,” it still has been “inextricably tied” to the study of UFOs and nothing he can see at the moment will change that in the minds of researchers and the public – except to continue to write about and discuss other, more disturbing possibilities – that our government may have used human beings in ghastly experiments that had fatal outcomes for many involved – people who were vulnerable and handicapped in some cases.

Redfern is a prolific writer, writing about not only UFOs but Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster (in his native UK), alien encounters, Men in Black, government conspiracies and more. And while it would seem he is writing 24-7, Redfern assures Red Dirt Report that he keeps normal “business” hours, and has plenty of off time.

His next book, he said, is about “Shape Shifters,” and should be released in the autumn.

Check out Redfern’s work at his Nick Redfern’s World of Whatever at He is also a regular contributor to Mysterious Universe, which can be found here.

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