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Records from the National UFO Reporting Center reveal more than half a dozen reports originating from Braintree in the past decade, ranging from black spheres hovering over Weymouth Landing’s train station to metallic balls that appear – and disappear – in broad daylight over Skyline Apartments.

Braintree’s most recent entry in the catalog of the bizarre was logged in December of 2015, while surrounding towns and cities, including Quincy with three reports in 2016 alone, also populate the database.

That December 2015 sighting, dubbed a “sighting report” by the UFO reporting center, allegedly involved more than five people who observed dark black spheres hovering above the Weymouth Landing commuter rail station shortly after 8 a.m., two days before Christmas.

“During most of the sighting it was difficult to tell how many spheres/shapes there were, but it was a tight group of multiple dark black spheres (they seemed to occasionally change shape) moving roughly east to west,” the report, filed anonymously, read. “No way to tell how far away they were, but there was a solid cloud deck, so they were under that altitude whatever it was.

“I have held an FAA certification as a single engine pilot in the past and previously never witnessed anything I’d consider to be a UFO,” the Dec. 23, 2015 sighting report concluded.

Here’s a brief rundown of some other sighting reports filed from Braintree in recent years.

Triangular UFOs and black helicopters

In July of 2015 a report filed with the UFO reporting center claimed that a triangle shaped object had been observed moving over Quincy and East Braintree in the early morning hours of Sept. 2, 2012.

“I was sitting outside facing west when a triangle shaped object, about the size of a commercial airliner, approached from the north heading south,” the report stated. “The object was flying at a much lower altitude than any aircraft of that size normally would.”

The sky-watcher said the object made a noise that sounded like a fan buffeting air and had a red light on the front with two white lights in the back.

“When the object was directly in front of me it turned east, moving straight towards me as it lowered its altitude and its speed. When it was less than a football field away from me it suddenly turned southeast, quickly accelerating its speed and moving out of my field of vision.”

The report ends claiming that “several black helicopters were seen in the area for the remainder of the night and the following day.”

First a light, then a ‘bear hug’

The most unsettling sighting report from Braintree was filed in November of 2011 by a man who said he was driving his girlfriend home on the night of July 14, 2011.

When turning onto his girlfriend’s street, not named in the report, the driver said he saw “lights that looked like a plane was landing or doing a very sharp turn.”

The driver said he stopped his car to look at the object and watched it disappear and reappear over a nearby house.

“It got weird later that night,” the sighting report stated, with the driver claiming the lights then followed his car home from Braintree.

“I could hear my name outside my window, weird noises, so I open up my window and something hit me right away like someone had a bear hug on me,” the report said. “I could hear in my head ‘your species will fall’ and then saw a flash in front of the window.”

That sighting report ends on a defiant note.

“I never wanted to tell anyone this because no one will ever believe this and I don’t care because I’ll never forget it till the day I die.”

Metallic spheres over Skyline Apartments

A sighting report from August of 2012 is unique to this list in its specificity to the location it supposedly occurred in, at a wooded area behind Skyline Apartments on the afternoon of July 1, 2005.

The person who reported the incident, 15 at the time, said they were walking along railroad tracks from Quincy Point into Braintree when they noticed something strange behind the apartments.

“So we’re walking along and notice a basketball-size metallic sphere suspended in mid-air, nothing holding it or propping it up, just still about 40 or so feet in the air, maybe 10 feet above the trees.”

The sighting report continues, “it seemed like it knew we were watching it. Then I looked away and my brother looked down or something and it was just gone.”

Read more UFO sighting reports from Braintree at the National UFO Reporting Center’s website.

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Listen to #1 Paranormal Podcast

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