Bristol man claims to have spotted UFO on camera – can you see it in this video? – Bristol Post


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Whether you are a staunch believer in extra-terrestrial abductions or an alien sceptic, it is undeniable that Bristol is a hot-spot for UFO sightings.

And while most of the films showing alleged spottings have at least a blurred shape to focus on, the latest one has left people baffled.

Captured by Matthew Morgan and uploaded on to his Meglos’ Strange Skies YouTube account, the 28 second time-lapse film focuses on the skies above Knowle West one night last month.

The video shows a streetlight in the centre of the picture and Venus to the left of the screen.

However, it is the very small light seen periodically darting to the right of the lamppost which interests the filmmaker.

Mr Morgan said: “The video was filmed using a time lapse with one frame captured every 2.5 seconds.

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“The UFO appears from between 2-3 seconds in to the video and moves around the planet before being seen on the opposite side.

“I don’t know what it was. It definitely wasn’t a planet and I know it wasn’t a plane because I have had friends check the flight paths for me.

“All I can say for definite is that it was a unidentified flying object.”

The 42-year-old began creating videos in September.

While Mr Morgan does not profess to know what or who he may have captured in his films, he has some ideas.

He said: “I am very open minded and some people would probably call me a mad man for some of things I have seen and witnessed in my life.

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“I used to really believe in UFOs, but now I am more drawn to the suggestion that the government are working with aliens or have access to alien technology which they are testing.

“Whether the UFO I have captured is being piloted by a human or alien is for the viewers to decide.”

And commenters on Mr Morgan’s YouTube channel also believe that he has filmed something out of this world.

Mr Green said: “2.30 am England Thursday morning. I saw that thing, I swear I saw it move. Then it sat still for a while, it was huge .”

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Love, peace and prosperity to all added: “what the heck? There have been tons of UFO sightings this last week tho, who knows? “

However, some viewers were less convinced.

Declan Black said: “Definitely strange man! I wish it was a UFO but probably not.”

The video is the latest in a series to be featured on the Meglos’ Strange Skies account which also includes “Multiple Coloured UFOs/Portals Over Bristol UK” and “UFO Fleet Over Bristol UK”.

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