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Qi Gong Masters can detect things that our current scientific instruments cannot. Scientific experiments are also showing this to be true:


That was a solid contradictory statement. Which is true, scientific instruments can or can’t detect these alleged things?

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Reply: Some scientific instruments can detect certain energies of Qi Gong Masters while others cannot yet detect them.

There are actually two excerpts from Zhuan Falun which talks about this point:


When we mention certain things some people blurt right out, “blind belief.” Why do they do that? Their criteria for something being “blind belief”
or “quackery” is that it’s whatever science hasn’t grasped, or whatever they haven’t experienced first-hand, or whatever they think can’t
possibly exist. That’s their way of thinking. So is that way of thinking correct? Can you just dismiss something as blind belief or quackery just
because science hasn’t grasped it yet, or just because science isn’t far enough along to explain it yet? Aren’t these people themselves full of
blind belief? And aren’t they caught up in quackery? If everybody thought that way, could science develop?

Could it move forward? Society wouldn’t be able to make progress. The things that our scientific and technological community has invented are all
things that people didn’t have at one time. If those things were all thought of as blind belief, then there’d be no point in talking about
progress, right? Qigong isn’t quackery. But there are always a lot of people who think it is, since they don’t understand it.

But with the use of scientific instruments people have now detected on the bodies of qigong masters things like infrasonic waves, ultrasonic waves,
electromagnetic waves, infrared, ultraviolet, gamma rays, neutrons, atoms, and trace metal elements. Aren’t those all concrete things? They’re
matter. Aren’t all things made of matter? Aren’t other space-times made of matter? Could you call them blind belief? Qigong is for cultivating
Buddhahood, so of course there are going to be a lot of profound things involved. And we’re going to explain all of them.


What’s “beyond the Five Elements” about? Our ancient Chinese physics and our modern physics both acknowledge that the Chinese theory of Five
Elements is correct. Metal, wood, water, fire, and earth—these Five Elements form the myriad things in our universe. This is fact, and that’s why
we talk about these Five Elements. When someone says that a person has gone beyond the Five Elements, in today’s language, it means going beyond
this material world of ours.

Sounds hard to believe. But let’s think about something. Qigong masters have gong. I’ve been tested, and lots and lots of other qigong masters
have been tested this way, too—tested for energy. A lot of the instruments that we have today can detect the material elements in gong, so in other
words, if there’s the right instrument, the elements emitted by qigong masters can be detected. Nowadays the instruments can detect things like
infrared rays, ultraviolet rays, ultrasonic waves, infrasonic sounds, electricity, magnetism, gamma rays, atoms, and neutrons. Qigong masters all have
these forms of matter, and some other matter emitted by qigong masters can’t be detected, since there’s no such instrument. But as long as you
have the right instrument these can be detected, and they’ve discovered that the matter emitted by qigong masters is extremely rich.

Under the effect of a special electromagnetic field qigong masters can have strong luminescence, and it’s really beautiful. The higher a person’s
potency, the larger the energy field he projects. Ordinary people have one too, but it’s a really weak kind of luminescence. People who do research
in high-energy physics think of energy as being things like neutrons and atoms. A lot of qigong masters have been tested. And all the qigong masters
who are pretty well-known have been tested, in fact.

I’ve been tested, too, and they found that I emit gamma rays and thermal neutrons 80–170 times greater than the radiation of normal matter. At
that point the needle of the testing instrument had hit the limit, and since the needle had hit the maximum point they couldn’t tell exactly how
strong it was. Imagine, neutrons that strong—it’s just incredible! How could a person emit neutrons that strong? This proves that we qigong
masters do have gong, it proves we do have energy. It’s been verified by the scientific and technological community.


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