UFO Sighting in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri on 2017-08-17 21:30:00 – Saw an erratically moving light/shape in the sky shortly after dark. called husband & he spotted #2.

On the evening of thursday, august 17th, i had just put my 2 children to bed (a kindergartner & a 4-month-old). i then finished cleaning up from dinner & after sitting to rest for a few minutes, i walked outside with my husband to share a cigarette. we strolled over to the side of my house to lay on my hammock, which i have suspended between 2 ash trees. the air was temperate, approximately mid-70’s, pleasant but a bit on the humid side with a few high clouds. we watched the sky as the sun set, and then my husband walked inside to retire as i lay on the hammock, looking up into the sky over my house. i often do this after the kids are asleep, as i enjoy looking at the stars & constellations, and i also get treated to the occasional meteor or falling ‘space junk’ when i gaze up at the slice of dark sky that is above me when i relax on my hammock. i am lucky to live in a rural area, so the light pollution is greatly lessened, despite the few annoying dusk-to-dawn lights that are scattered around our small lake development. we live in northwestern ste. genevieve county in missouri, about 50 miles south of st. louis. i watched the stars getting brighter as night fell, when i thought i noticed one of the ‘stars’ move. i shrugged it off & continued to gaze at the sky, when i saw the ‘star’ move again! it was darting quickly in a rather erratic way, up & down, then in one direction in a kind of jerky, stop/start way, then loops, then back. no real pattern to the movement best i could tell. i fixed my gaze on this object or light & tried to focus. it seemed to have an vertically elongated spherical shape, with what appeared to be a yellow/red/blue/green ‘band’ of lights around the center of the object. it was distant, but after watching it for around 10-15 minutes and making 100% sure i wasn’t imagining this, i hobbled back over to the house (i am awaiting a hip replacement) to call my husband back out. we walked over to the side of the house & i spotted the bright object again standing right beside my hammock, looking just over the roof of my house & just above the middle of the horizon in the western sky. my husband spotted it right away, except he wasn’t looking in the same direction; he was looking at the southwestern horizon & spotted another object that looked & behaved very similarly. i pointed his head in the direction of the object i had spotted & he instantly saw the anomaly. i don’t think it could have been a drone based on apparent distance & erratic behavior plus the unusual shape. it was definitely not a helicopter, plane, or other typical flying craft. i see high-altitude jets, we occasionally hear the test pilots flying military craft at high speeds in the vicinity, and the local air evac life rescue have flight paths near me. i can easily recognize those day or night by sight and/or sound. this craft was silent as far as we could tell, and it’s fairly quiet out here in the country, but we never heard a sound. since the object was kind of ‘star-like’, it was hard to see any lights at first, but after approximately 20 minutes of both of us watching the object(s) dart & dip around erratically, i noticed the one in the western horizon suddenly seemed closer & less star-like, more ‘craft-like’. it seemed to start zooming in then back out as it darted around but it zoomed in & out sort of slowly as it darted back & forth and all around. i turned to my husband & asked him “hey, if i can see it, can it see me?” he paused & said “probably not”, but i could hear he wasn’t totally sure about that. suddenly i felt very uneasy about the whole experience, and advised we gather up & head in. we did so in an unusually rushed way. my husband went in first and i got mildly upset with him for going in a few feet ahead of me, citing that ‘something potentially scary’ was out there with me. this is unusual because i spend a lot of time outdoors & unusual phenomena or anomalies don’t normally affect me in such a way. i just observe & appreciate if i see something u usual, because i know i’m lucky to see anything that could be classed as such; the universe is a beautiful & strange place and i believe anything is possible. i’m as far from being a skeptic as i am from being a believer in ufo & other phenomena, but i know that we both saw something we had never seen before last night. we have been talking about it all day, so we decided we should submit this report today while it was still fresh. it seems relevant to mention that i felt uneasy the rest of the evening & night, double-checking all the door and window locks, restless, and looking in on the kids more often. this is very unusual for me as i grew up in this house & i’m totally comfortable here, but last night i was so shaken by what i saw that i found it hard to sleep until daylight. this morning when we took my daughter to school, we both looked up at the exact same spot on the horizon as if to check & make sure the craft was gone, then caught each other looking & laughed. definitely a very unusual sighting for me, as i’m 45 years old & have never seen anything like this before, something i would definitely call a totally unidentified flying object.

UFO Sighting in Lake Charles, Louisiana on 2017-08-13 17:30:00 – Two groups of three pulsing rectangles then single ones moving across sky between 5,000 and 20,000 feet

i went outside to water plants, felt a little odd, like i was being watched or something and looked up at the sky… three glowing rectangles positioned in a triangle grouping almost as high as airline travel height moving very fast from west to east… then another grouping of three… i was frozen, immediately recognizing this was not from here.. my stepson had followed me out and stopped in his tracks behind me and i heard him say what are those. he had his phone and got stills and one video, but at this point they were coming one at a time. my wife also got still and video. if you enlarge to look they are perfect rectangles. the single objects that came after the groups were much higher in the sky and moving at a much higher rate of speed. they were rectangular, grayish, but box like.. upon enlarging them you could see the crystalline whiteish pulse glow. the groups of threes moved pretty fast across the sky at a steady rate.. the later single ones were higher and moving much faster. they traveled from west to east and only lost sight as they continued east to where trees obstructed view. i had a deep sense of…”this is really happening.. this is real.. this is not “secret military”..Misidentification… it was broad daylight.

UFO Sighting in Missouri on 2017-08-18 00:00:00 – Hovering with flashing lights

My wife and i were outside smoking,when we saw the object. we have seen this on more than one night. it appears to be navigation lights of standard aircraft (solid white light with blinking red and green), but with no discernable movement. it will hover in the same spot, possibly several miles due west of elsberry, missouri, sometimes disappearing,other times moving off slowly to the south. i observed the object through binoculars, and though i couldn’t see a shape,it didn’t appear to be a star. google sky map didn’t show any high magnitude celestial objects in that position. i don’t know if it was a conventional aircraft or not, but i can’t see why anyone would hover a helicopter in the same spot for so long at night.

UFO Sighting in Kettering, Ohio on 2017-05-09 12:14:00 – Looked like a black sphere that spun, blinked

Was waiting for a bus at medical centre weavers in kettering. was looking at the weather than saw a black sphere that was levitating in the air as shown in a video. was not sure what the object was, but it did not looked like a balloon or did not act in that way. object was first slowly rising to the sky then it changed direction over to the medical centre. in video in negative it also shows two additional objects traveling at very high speed but are difficult to see. i felt happy that i saw something extra-ordinary :). i stopped filming because i needed to catch a bus to go to work. i was dumb not to miss a bus and follow/video the object for a longer period of time… sorry for that. please put the videos in video programs and make slow-motions and negatives and close ups. i would also like to see the result.

UFO Sighting in Surfside Beach, South Carolina on 2017-04-12 20:43:00 – X3 fuzzy egg shape in triangle formation stationary then lightning speed a short distance and disappeared.

I was floating on my back in the pool at 8:43 pm april 12th looking up at stars. then either i noticed or they appeared 3 fuzzy egg shaped white objects in triangle formation just stationary. as i looked, in my head i was thinking what is that and then thought to myself ufo because nothing else made sense. it seemed like seconds and lightning speed they went a short distance toward ocean and disappeared. i live 8 blocks west of ocean. i then started looking on facebook and other places that night and next day to see anyone else had seen what i saw. but never confirmed from anywhere and still wonder.