NIBIRU FOUND? Shock video footage of ‘Planet X UFO’ soaring over USA –

NIBIRU FOUND? Shock video footage of 'Planet X UFO' soaring over USA
According to UFO conspiracy website, the object had a smooth fiery trail, and was too small to be a helicopter. The spectacular nature of the unidentified object led some to speculate that it was somehow connected to the alien planet Nibiru.
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US Obtains Russian KGB File About A “UFO” & “5 Short Humanoids” With “Large Heads” That Emerged From It – Collective Evolution

Collective Evolution

US Obtains Russian KGB File About A “UFO” & “5 Short Humanoids” With “Large Heads” That Emerged From It
Collective Evolution
Global governments and intelligence agencies around the world have released hundreds of thousands of pages of documents pertaining to the UFO phenomenon over the past few years. These files indicate that objects are commonly tracked on radar and …

UFO Sighting in Michigan City, Indiana on 2017-09-24 16:30:00 – After finishing yard work noticed bright silver object in northwest sky, clear cloudless late afternoon, object moved slowly to the east stopped, continued moving south slowly, no sound whatsoever, then disappeared

Finish yard work,just enjoying a cloudless sky,did not know as it was low enough i could have heard an engine, bright silver object, cylinder in shape no lights, moving east at slow speed, stopped, went straight south for 30 seconds and then dispersed,i first thought it was a small plane but after watching flight paths of jetliners and local aircraft thought it was way to low and odd movements and disappearance made me wonder what it was.

‘UFO’ spotted over Los Angeles amid fears that a ‘hidden planet’ was going to cause the end of humanity –

'UFO' spotted over Los Angeles amid fears that a 'hidden planet' was going to cause the end of humanity
Unsettling footage showing a mysterious object hovering above Los Angeles has surfaced – amid sinister predictions that a hidden planet would bring about the end of the world. The video shows a glowing white ball in the sky, and appears to have been …

UFO Sighting in MACOMB, Michigan on 2017-09-25 07:15:00 – Was almost see through like about the size of a goodyear blimp moved hundereds of miles an hour changed direction almost instantly 4 or 5 times changed elevation in seconds

I was coming to work, i was heading south pulled up to stop light about a mile in from of me saw something really huge moving across the sky at a very high rate of speed, was real low for a second i though maybe a 747 was going to try to land on m59 which was about 3 miles ahead of me, upon pulling into work sever minutes later i saw abject again across from work around half mile in open field totally disappeared behind tree line for 2 minutes or so, shot off into the sky, this was not something we made, no way!

UFO Sighting in Moultrie, Georgia on 2017-09-24 20:15:00 – Light ascended then changed direction.

I observed a light in the sky last night in the 8 o’clock hour. it ascended basically straight up, then changed direction and took a horizontal path from se to nw. i alerted my neighbors and from about the one minute mark it was seen by 6 of us. definitely not a plane or helicopter or ball lightning or swamp gas. very interesting. it was slightly bigger and more luminous than the stars, but not by much. when it took the horizontal path it held a steady course but it was not on exactly a strange line. it swerved and jumped around slightly. don’t know what the heck it was. again, observed by i think 6 people. no photos, it would have just looked like a star anyway. everybody who saw it was pretty amazed, the consensus was we all agree it was a ufo, at least in the pure sense of it was a flying object that no one could identify. who knows. it was certainly interesting and exciting.