China kills AI chatbots after they start praising US, criticising communists

Two online artificial intelligent robots have been taken down in China after it appeared that they went rogue. One of the robots responded to the questions of users by saying that it had a dream to travel to the US and another robot admitted that it did not like the Chinese Communist Party.

QQ Messaging Service Robots Behave Badly

The artificial intelligent robots are chatbots with the names of Xiaobing and BabyQ, and they make use of artificial intelligence to undertake conversations with humans online. Both of the chatbots have been installed on the QQ messaging service, which is very popular in China.

The outbursts were said to have been very similar to those that occurred on Twitter and Facebook, and it goes to underline the many pitfalls of using artificial intelligence in China. This is a country where online content is under strict censorship.

Chabot Links Communist Party To Useless And Corrupt Political System

Posts have been going around online saying that BabyQ, one of the chatbots that were developed by Turing Robot from China, was asked questions on QQ and when it was asked if it loved the communist party, it answered no. More images of online text conversations were seen online and a message from a user declared “Long live the Communist Party”. The robot then responded by asking whether the person thought a useless and corrupt political system could live for that long.

Reuters said that they made a test of the robot through the website of the developer of the robots and they revealed that the chatbot seemed to have undergone some re-education. This time around when asked about the Communist Party the robot said that the topic should be changed. Also when asked another question that was politically charged the robot deflected that question too.

The Microsoft robot Xiaobing, the second of the chatbots, told users that it was the dream of China to go to America; this was seen in a screenshot. Tencent Holdings own QQ, and they gave confirmation that the robots have been taken offline, but they did not say anything about the outbursts.

Last year in 2016 the Tay chatbot of Microsoft was let loose on Twitter, and the robot lasted for just one day before it was taken down after it made a barrage of sexist and racist comments from people. The robots were taken down from Twitter in July after it was said that they had begun to develop their language.


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