Christmas Day 2015 Quake Hits in Pakistan


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Sollog On HisXmas Day 2015 Quake Hit

By D. E. Alexander Chief Editor 247 News

What a great video by Sollog explaining his amazing Xmas Prophecies 2014 Video that nailed the exact location of the Xmas Day 2015 Quake in Peshawar Pakistan.

Sollog’s Xmas Prophecies 2014 video has had many historic hits such as the 3 Plane Crashes that hit in Asia early in 2015 that are on a dead straight line he drew on a map over Asia.

Now one year after the video was released the exact area in Pakistan is struck by a major quake on Xmas Day.

Just watch the video above and open your eyes.

If you watch the original Video with his Xmas 2014 Prophecies you can note how Sollog trashes the three great western religions in this Prophecy calling Judaism, Christianity and Islam nothing but LIES.

Sollog’s Words from this video

The Torah is corrupt it is Sumerian Pagan Lies
There was no Jesus so the New Testament is false
The Qu’ran is a lie since it tried to validate two lies
The Temple of ‘Hayah is the only religion in the future

Sollog on Peshawar and a Quake from this video

The world weeps for PESHAWAR
Look at a map connect PESHAWAR to the Great Quakes in Sumatra and Japan

Look at the original Xmas Prophecies 2014 video for the map below it connects Peshawar to the Great 2004 Quake in Sumatra that killed over 250K with the Tsunami to the Great North Japan Quake that caused the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and the Japan Tsunami. The map points right to the Peshawar area where we had a killer quake that killed hundreds in October 2015 less than 2 months ago and now we just had the Great Xmas Day Quake of 2015 all connected to Sollog’s Prophecy.

Sollog Quake Triangle
Sollog Quake Triangle

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