Christmas Quake in Peshawar hits when Sollog WARNED


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It’s Xmas Day 2015 and a late night quake on Christmas day in Pakistan struck today and it was 100% predicted by a world fmaous seer that many call the New Nostradamus.

His name is SOLLOG and the ground SHAKES where and when he says in his famous PROPHECIES.

Some believe he is GOD and some say he is Lucifer.

He says of course HE IS GOD and so is everyone else, since God’s Spirit is the energy that creates ALL LIFE, so every living thing is GOD according to SOLLOG.

He formed a new religious belief known as TOH or Temple Of ‘Hayah over 20 years ago and many are upset that his prophecies often GUARANTEE future Acts of God to prove every other religion on earth is incorrect.

Here’s proof, his QUAKE WARNING for Peshawar was released ONE YEAR AGO in a warning titled XMAS PROPHECIES 2014.

You can see the video on Youtube, he ends his XMAS Prophecy Video with a warning about a large quake and Peshawar.


Here is the exact spot in the Xmas Prophecy Video released a year ago IT IS REAL, it is TIME STAMPED by Youtube.

Time stamped Xmas Prophecy Video

The same video warned of 3 Plane Crashes and he drew a line over Asia, within a few months of the Prophecy 3 Planes crashed in Asia on THE LINE HE DREW on a map in the video.

Now why haven’t the mainstream media reported on his PROPHECIES?


To keep the masses uninformed that what he says about the near future and how 99.9% of Humanity is DESTROYED by a killer asteroid that strikes the earth after 2022.

SOLLOG is his name and another major quake struck where he warned connected to a date he gave. In the future he is considered the Greatest Human to ever walk the earth, since the only humans that exist in the future heed his warning about the Asteroid and move to the SOLLOG SAFE ZONES.

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Listen to REAL PARANORMAL Podcast

Listen to #1 Paranormal Podcast


Books - Sollog - News - Videos - UFOS - Magazine

The #1 Paranormal News Site

Listen to #1 Paranormal Podcast

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