Couple ‘ran home and locked doors’ after spotting a UFO in the skies above a popular Cornish beach – Cornwall Live


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A couple enjoying an evening stroll along Portreath Beach were left ‘mesmerised’ and had to flee to ‘run home and lock the doors’ after spotting a UFO floating above them in the sky.

It is the second reported UFO sighting in just a few weeks, as two women claim to have been left ‘shocked’ and ‘in awe’ of a huge UFO they saw in Penzance.

Speaking to UK UFOs about the sighting in Portreath, a woman who gave only her last name, Miss Couzens, said that she was walking along the beach with her partner when events started to take an eerie turn.

Miss Couzens said that she and her partner were watching the ocean, but soon noticed that they could not hear it.

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She said that she was walking along the beach with her partner, as it was peaceful.

She continued: “We sat down on the bench by the cafe; as soon we looked at the ocean, we noticed everything went silent – it was an eerie feeling, we felt like we were in a different time zone.”

The couple reportedly looked up and realised that hovering over their heads was a huge UFO.

Miss Couzens said: “We looked up and saw this black-shaped boomerang object (that) looked so big that we were sat frozen just staring at this thing. We both were so mesmerised by this. All of a sudden we heard a humming sound and we looked at each other and then all of sudden it disappeared.”

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According to UK UFOs the sighting took place at Portreath Beach on Monday, February 20.

The sighting adds to a theory that Cornwall could be a UFO triangle of paranormal activity.

After seeing the strange UFO the startled couple left the beach, heading home to lock their doors and contemplate what it was that they saw in the skies above Portreath.

“Me and my partner ran from the beach, ran home and locked our doors,” added Miss Couzens.

“Whatever it was it was so big it covered the stars.”

According to David Gillham, founder of Cornwall UFO Research group, no sightings were reported to them, however he is currently trying to get more information on a sighting in Penzance that left two women ‘haunted’ and ‘in awe’ of a strange phenomenon spotted in the skies.

David said: “We haven’t had anything reported to us as yet in the Portreath area.

“The last sighting we had in Cornwall was in Penzance, but it was a few weeks ago now.”

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David is now appealing to members of the public who may be able to give him more information on the reported sighting over Penzance that left two women fearing there ‘would be a plane crash’.

Two women driving in their car claimed to have seen unusual red, green and white lights forming a ‘squashed triangle’ in the skies on Wednesday, January 18.

The women said that other unusual paranormal events had occurred earlier in the evening.

One of the two women, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “Previously that evening the radio in my car was on a local station. It kept ‘forgetting’ the station and then skipped to another station. It did this a few times from about 5pm. On our way up the hill, my friend shouted that something was going to crash.”

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The woman turned to look out of the window and claimed that she and her friend saw a large flying object that they could not identify.

The woman added: “Seeing her look of surprise at something to the right of us, I instinctively turned to look. I immediately brought the car to an abrupt stop in the middle of road and together in a moment of silence, we braced ourselves for what we thought would be a plane crash very near to us.

“There was no sound, but our rational minds had told us we had seen an airliner about to plough into the ground.

“What we had seen were three lights. All different colours, red, green and white and forming a ‘squashed triangle’ shape. There was no substance or ‘walls’ to the shape, but the balls of light were moving at the same high speed, in the same direction which is what gave us the impression it was an object.

“This looked to be just above three buildings on our right, but slightly further away. It was easily the length of the three bungalows.”

The photograph above was taken at the scene by the women, who drew in the lights to show the size and shape of the object they saw.

The two women then got out of their car to see if they could still see the lights.

“We waited until it had gone which was very quick and drove to the top of the hill where we got out of the car. We watched an odd light for between five and 10 minutes.

“This light was much smaller and singular and we thought this may have been a helicopter. However its movements were irregular and rapid and still, there was no noise.

“We have speculated and attempted to rationalise what we saw that evening, but the intense and immediate fear of something so large crashing stays with me. It has been suggested that the three lights may have been a helicopter. It was too big and too quiet. It was silent and fast.

“While I am open to exploring the theory of unexplained phenomena, I am a rational person and I find it difficult that I am not able to identify what we saw that evening with any kind of certainty.

“While it has haunted me immensely, I am still in awe at what I saw and grateful to have experienced this while with my friend. After I had dropped my friend home that evening, I left with silence and shock.

“My radio in the car no longer skipped or searched and it hasn’t since.”

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