Did UFO ‘CRASH TO EARTH’ after being SHOT DOWN by US forces? – Express.co.uk


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Striking images were sent in to analysts after a couple watched the crash from their back garden.

In an anonymous statement to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), which investigates such sightings, they said yesterday: “One February 1 I was out on the back porch when my husband pointed out what looked to me like a jet at first. 

“It was a quick presumption on my part and due to the cloud like trails it was leaving behind. But with a bit more observation it became obvious that it was not. 

“It was moving far too slow to be a jet and was falling toward the ground. 

“Looking through the binoculars I could see two bright orbs of light at the leading edge which seemed to separate slightly from one another. 

“The decent was far slower than I imagine gravity would bring a solid object down. It took at least five minutes to get from mid sky to where I could no longer see it behind the trees.” 

She claimed to see the same event the next day (yesterday) in her home in Castlegar, British Colombia, Canada, adding: “Around the same time today my husband came in to tell me that there was another one in the sky. 

“This time I thought to grab my camera. 

“It looked and acted almost identical to yesterday’s sighting, a bright circle of light falling at a slow rate of speed leaving two trails behind it. 

“Two very fast jets flew across the sky from west to east in the same area as it descend. 

“When I lost sight of it behind the trees I took a look around and spotted another one higher in the sky but in the same southern direction. 

“It too look as though it was falling to the ground and at the same slow rate of speed. “This one however broke into four segments but all four fell at the same rate. 

“Another jet flew by shortly before I lost sight of it. 

“And then another, but this one came from the east, did a quick turn about above the falling object and returned east. 

“These jets were far faster than commercial airlines fly.” 

Scott C Waring runs website ufosightingsdaily.com, and is known for taking giant leaps with alleged UFO sightings to them being proof of alien craft.

He blogged: “The UFO seen in the photos is a disk shape and is glowing incredibly. 

“The sides of the disk are not glowing, but its centre is. 

“The UFO seems to have lost control and was crashing to Earth somewhere in the forest hills of British Colombia. 

“The fact that it descended slowly rules out a meteor, the fact that its perfectly shaped like a disk rules out a jet, rocket or satellite. 

“So, all we have left is an alien craft falling to earth as if its been attacked, possibly shot down with the old Ronald Reagan Star Wars satellites which have missiles on them to attack.”

The Reagan Star Wars programme was a plan to have weapons in space that could shoot down a nuclear bomb fired at the US, but it never got off the ground.

However, conspiracy theorists like Mr Waring claim it did, and it was actually a cover up for firing it invading aliens.

However, it seems as though the woman was right in her initial assumption.

Before US-based MUFON gets to look at the case, it has been analysed by forensic UFO investigator Scott Brando.

He runs hoax-busting website ufoofinterest.org and claims there has yet to be an inexplicable picture or video of a supposed UFO taken yet.

He told Express.co.uk this was a classic example of a “perspective optical illusion”.

Mr Brando, who provided video and still examples to back up his explanation, said it was just a plane flying horizontally away from the witness, which gave it the appearance it was falling down, but that is why it appeared to fall so slowly.

He said: “It’s a known effect caused by the perspective. 

“Some planes and their contrails taken during sunset look like meteors or other objects falling from the sky, but it’s just an illusion.” 

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