Disclose.tv Posts FAKE Alien Photo as Real Alien Photo


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Posts FAKE Alien Photo as Real Alien Photo

By D.E. Alexander

Author of FBI UFO FILE and Roswell The Proof and CONSPIRACY

Chief Editor of 247 News

I really hate DISINFORMATION about an important topic such as UFOS and ‘Aliens’ and over the decades having written hundreds of articles and several books on the topic, I’ve learned how to easily check images to see obvious signs of Photoshop drop ins and while many are quite good, many are OBVIOUS FAKES and should never be on the net as ‘news’.

Disclose.tv has such an OBVIOUS FAKE ALIEN IMAGE and so many people are now sharing it, I had to expose this OBVIOUS FAKE ALIEN PHOTO.

This is the photo from Disclose.tv

Fake Alient Image from Disclose TV
Fake Alient Image from Disclose TV

This is the image blown up and the dropped in lines are so obvious when you use just simple magnification of the ‘alien image’ that how the ‘editors’ of Disclose.tv dared to run this image is beyond me. It makes completely worthless now as a site for REAL PARANORMAL or REAL UFOS or REAL ALIEN ‘news’.

Fake Alien Photo Disclose TV
Fake Alien Photo Disclose TV

So you can put anything coming from Disclose.tv now right next to anything from Jeff Rense as PURE BULLSHIT.

Who funds these bullshit ‘investigators’ that spread FAKE NEWS?

Some say it is the NSA that wants to keep the public in the dark about how much influence Greys and UFOS have had on humanity for over 30,000 years.

The ‘whois’ info on Disclose.tv reveals this

Registrant Name: Uwe Braun
Registrant Organization: Futurebytes GmbH & Co.KG
Registrant Street: Innstrasse 71
Registrant City: Passau
Registrant State/Province: N/A
Registrant Postal Code: 94036
Registrant Country: DE
Registrant Phone: +9.00499851988380
Registrant Phone Ext.:
Registrant Fax:
Registrant Fax Ext.:
Registrant Email: 

So while Rense.com is a USA based disinformation organization, the bullshit emanating from Disclose.tv is from Europe from what appears on the surface via ‘whois’. Well, the fact is the NSA has many fake organizations or shell companies all over the world and their involvement in the REAL CONSPIRACY of the UFO and Alien Phenomena has been proven, see my book CONSPIRACY to learn how you can trace almost every ‘Cover Up’ or ‘Conspiracy’ to the spooks at the NSA.

I suggest you read the greatest book on UFOS ever written by Dr. Sol Adoni it is titled UFOS THE PROOF and the film REAL UFOS was based on this book that presents a history of UFOS and GREYS in human artwork spanning over 30,000 years.

From pictographs by primitive tribes to ancient works of history and literature that mention ‘lights in the sky’ intervening in important military events that steered humanity to artwork from the middle ages showing obvious UFOS to early ‘news accounts’ and even photos of UFOS.

UFOS are real and the best PROOF OF GREYS was in the book GREY ALIENS my Encounter with a Grey Alien by the greatest PROPHET in human history who is SOLLOG.

 If you want to see the FAKE ALIEN NEWS at Disclose.tv here is the link


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