Disclosure or Alien Card being played ?


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Is it the Alien Card being played ?

The social/political level is just smoke and mirrors and for a rather long time it seemed that Trump was the only subject on the media.
But in the last 2 days something has changed. For me It seems like the Alien Card is played out right now ! Cool down ,well that happened before and
we all remember Steven Greer dont we ?

But now it’s NYT stirring up the fry:

Astronomers are excited by the discovery, which suggests that some of these exoplanets — planets around stars other than the sun — could
support life and may be awash in oceans.

Source : New York times

7 Earth-Size Planets Orbit Dwarf Star, NASA and
European Astronomers Say

Why on the MSM now I ask retorical ?

All the levels are interconnected and if one only see the social/political level the puzzle becomes incomprehensible.

Just 2 days ago quite a lot changed.

Many alt-right Youtubers besides pewdiewie(dont know the guy) very recently got censored/stealth censored and Alex jones and many more lost
advertizing revenue.

Conclusion: The force that was behind the mainstream media has decided to focus on a different strategy of mindcontrol e.g. the socialmedia !]

Combine NYT , nasa and the EXOplanets. Well ok I should be thrilled but I’m not I simply cannot trust the MSM anymore because my radar says it’s a
diversion nothing more although I hope I’m wrong.

But wait there is more…

Then Podesta started to tweet to Trump about the search for alien live ? Bait for …?


One thing is for sure the aliencontext is really active and it is discussed on MSM right now.
Now the behaviour of people in threads is suddenly quite different. For instance the shilltrolskeptic shotdown mechanism in ATS has changed ??

Example :

just a single line a question Aliens – internet

or a “Real” alien pic that wasn’t there.

Why is that in top ? Why that sudden change in attitude ?
For me it´s obvious that someone is pulling the strings off the masses.

Combining :

1 Exoplanets (Prepping the public) ,NASA crap.
2 Recent Ufo flaps.
3 Control/Censoring webcontent
4 Recent changes in YT search algorithm.

And my conclusion is :

Alternative-Media is Attacked at other levels than social/political.
Some group (superelite?) wants to take control of the ‘Alien narrative’ on the internet.
Just some butt feeling : maybe posterboy Tom Delonge will pop up in the MSM very soon telling his ‘truth’ , yes ufology is a dead end (that’s me being

Then again maybe this is nothing but a false flag , a honeypot so to speak for the CT community.
Steering CT further away from the truth. Or maybe it’s just me not trusting anything that is brewed up by MSM or NASA or…..

Is it disclosure ?

However If I’m wrong than at the highest levels it has been decided that it is time to tell the truth because they (the superelite) is loosing the
game. And their masters have no other options left…

Everyone loves Sci-fi. And ET always comes from a far away galaxy. But do we really know our own earth ? As a child I saw an unexplicable craft and started searching…Now many years later I came to a simple truth…

Most UFO’s aren’t from outer space.
There is a third player and many governments know.

The whole story of the Tall Whites* has now a different ring too it. Also the behaviour of UFO’s isn’t like they are exploring the earth. In fact it’s
like they are protecting (seen by vulcano’s radioactive sites and earthquakes) and guarding the Earth and it’s inhabitants. This brings me to the
conclusion that there might be another highly intelligent species on Earth.

Furthermore they had already had Disclosure (with E.T’s) a very long time ago.
note : Of cause i wont deny that ‘real’ aliens sometimes visit the Earth.

But the official agreement between ET and the other intelligent species here on Earth doesnt allow this. I base this on the ‘undisclosed’ section58
reports from NATO? (does anyone know more about section58). Section58 knew where UFO’s would land in advance … so go figure where the intel came
from ?

Eventually the picture becomes very clear why there hasn’t been official contact. The answer is I think because we (the human spieces) are not the
Alpha-spieces and probably everything that we see in the sky is filtered and monitored.

Furthermore our Scientific advancement is slowed down artificial.Most technical advancement is made in consumer Tech, a Tech that pacifies development
of the human race. It leads to inactive narcistic individuals that don’t contribute to an advancement of the human society.Also almost every mayor
event after 1947 was staged.

All this was done because the technical advancement of the human species was way faster than expected. race. In their view humans should be more
morally advanced but that isn’t the case. So I guess it was decided to Dumb down humanity by attacking the human races and country’s that were the
most advanced. With the goal to create a lesser intelligent and thus less dangerous human race in the long time.

Conclusion :

on a social/political level this explains why the world is as it is right now.
However If the above is correct Humanity lives in exile and the veil might be lifted soon because….

Trump and maybe disclosure ?

So what’s a Trump ? I really don’t understand but Trump has power , real power. And he threatens to reveal the Truth. Why isn’t he stopped ? I mean
the superelite does everything it can do but they are loosing the fight right now. This tells me that the forces behind the Superelite are switching
side in favor of Trump. The same forces that control disclosure. Will he back off or it this it ?

If that is really the case than Trump will visit our ‘friends’. Well the neutral-zone is in Antarctica and he or maybe one of his team might visit
that place very soon. So don’t be afraid if president Trump is lost for several days… this actually might be a sign that disclosure is coming and a
new Epoch will dawn.

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edit on 2262017 by frenchfries because: (no reason given)

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Listen to #1 Paranormal Podcast


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Listen to #1 Paranormal Podcast

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