Famous author reveals his GREY ALIEN encounter


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Grey Aliens
Grey Aliens

Grey Aliens

My Encounter with a Grey Alien

By Dr. Sol Adoni


So you don’t believe in UFOS or Grey Aliens?

One of the world’s greatest academics that runs an elite international think tank and who has a wall full of honorary doctorates has released a new book that details his own first hand experience with Greys.

Since then Dr. Adoni has theorized ground breaking theories in math, science and physics. Some of these theories include:

30/60/90 Mod Prime Theory

PDF – Planetary Distance Formula

Planeium – Dark Matter Theory

Elliptical Orbit Effect Theory on Plate Tectonics

HelixQ – Artificial Intelligence for Computers

Hologram Universe Theory

Dr. Adoni is also the man behind some of the top books and films on UFOS and Roswell and for the first time he is revealing his own personal encounter with GREYS.

For the first time ever the story that Dr.  Sol Adoni aka Sollog has hinted at in some of his books is being told in graphic details about his first hand encounter with little grey ‘aliens’, only he says they’re not aliens at all.

Dr. Sol Adoni has created several companies over the years and his connection to technology goes back to the middle 1970’s when he formed his first tech company before PC’s even existed.

He retired in 1994 and started releasing his massive catalog of writings that now number over 100 books under various pen names.

Some of these books are on UFOS and they have become films on the topic.

Recently the publishing and film companies he founded released the book and film ROSWELL THE TRUTH.

Other books and films on UFOS include



Dr. Adoni reveals his GREY ALIEN ENCOUNTER at









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