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The Flux Liner revisited.

I guess most of you have seen the films & read the thread,or variants of it, on other sites, where Mark McCandlish showed us the FL diagram.
There was a lot of discussion about how it actually worked, and we never got down to the nitty gritty details.
McCandlish called the glass-like insulator in the floor, a ‘dielectric’…so now we are getting into TTB territory. He may have meant ‘insulator’ but
there is a vast difference between the 2 and i think he knew what he was talking about.

One other interesting piece of info which came to light is the patent from James King Jr. which depicted a craft almost identical to the Flux-Liner
(also called an ARV or Alien Reproduction Vehicle)
James King Jr it seems, was an assistant to none other than Thomas Townsend Brown, when they worked at Princeton NJ in the late 50’s together with
Agnew Bahnson.

This patent was filed in 1964, and granted in 1967, just 3 years…that is pretty fast.
So, if TTB had actually worked on this design, was he using ‘his’ gravitor tech, or was this all given to him by ET? Why would they call it an ARV if
it was supposedly designed by humans?

It is evident that the design is virtually the same, except for the DC distribution to the capacitors is slightly different.

Here is King’s original patent. Notice he calls it a ‘magnetohydrodynamic device, which it is. MHD when applied to fluids like seawater works very
well. The nuclear subs use it for silent running, and the Japanese are selling an expensive yacht, which is totally silent.

Plasmas are not only highly conductive, they react extremely well to E and M fields.

The dates are an important clue. In 1955-56 Brown presented his now famous ‘flying discs’ in the U.K. In 1956 he worked in France with SNCSCO where
the equipment was tested in large vacuum chambers. The official report was somewhat biased,leading to the conclusion that the results were negative.
This is not exactly true, but it is around this time that Brown was working on ‘black’ projects, and may have been shown a (captured alien?) vehicle
around that time. Maybe he even saw the Roswell one.
who knows?

That same year, Brown also formed the UFO study group NICAP in Washington.

From 1957 – 1960 he worked as a consultant for Whitehall-Rand on a project together with Agnew Bahnson, this was primarily focused on antigravity
In 1958 he formed Rand International, ‘rand’ meaning Research ANd Development.

At the same time, he dropped off the map somewhat, he claimed to have written no more notebooks between 1958 and 1967…that’s 9 years of silence, and
his next notebook resumed in 1970, and then another one in 1973.

After 10 years working as a consultant for government projects, he became more interested in the electrical properties of rocks, and kept studying
them until his death in 1985.
So in that timeframe there was ample opportunity for Brown to get to know the black projects, recovered alien craft etc, and there was ample time for
King to draw up ‘his’ patent.

Here is McCandlis’s drawing of the flux-liner, notice the similarity to King’s design;

Here are some new video’s, some of you may have already seen them, but here i will try to piece the details together so that we can at least have a go
at replicating this tech.

So first we will watch this other interview with McCandlish, and then another eyewitness account.
Then i would like to go into more detail about the workings of the system.

Here is the other witness;

Mark interprets the ‘flywheel’ under the crew compartment as being a kind of rotor arm spark gap, as you would find under the bonnet of any old
He also states that the (48) capacitor segments are used in pairs, from 2 (low power) up to 8 (full power) and being energised at a million volts or

The plates themselves are molded in some kind of plastic or glass, i think the latter since most plastics, and especialy hydrocarbons, break down
fairly easily and glass does not. And if you have a 3 ton coil and some 4 tons of copper plates, why not a few tons of glass as well?
‘mass’ in this case is irrelevant, you can make it as heavy as you want. In fact it was Neumann among others who noted that the actual mass of the
copper is responsible for the effects, thus you want as much of it as possible.

The rotation of the disc itself could have no other function other than act as a gyroscope, stabilising the craft in flight (notice that, to fly in
the southern hemisphere the disc would have to rotate in the opposite direction, otherwise steering becomes very difficult) This was also noted by the
helicopter pilots in the Falklands, and even way before that, when the first Sopwith Camel bi-planes were flown down south. The Sopwith used a huge
rotary engine.

So does the disc have another function, i.e. is it magnetized?
I don’t know, but in principle we have a lot going on here already.

Consider the effect of a huge Tesla coil, with the thick windings of the primary around the rim of the craft, and a tall coil in the central column,
having very many more turns than the outside coil.
This is in effect, an AC system, so i am assuming that the caps are being charged & discharged very quickly, and this would have to be timed perfectly
with the pulses from the coil. If it is a HV DC system, like a huge gravitor, then it would be DC.
It could well be so, and the mercury plasma core is actually one huge diode, which gives DC pulses to the caps.

Also at this time there were many other notable scientists working on similar craft, and even trans-dimensional physics, like Burkhardt Heim;

Then there is the remarkable (but sadly not proven to work, yet) John Searl and his Inverse Gravity Vehicle, IGV;

A very nice design, but impossible to replicate, there were efforts made by the team of Roschin & Godin, a pair of russian engineers, i call it the ‘Poor Man’s Searl’;

Here is the test platform they built to test the change in mass caused by rotating highly charged magnets;

Then there is Bob Lazar describing craft at A51 , no other records can be found at this time. Note also the centre diagram in the second picture, very
reminiscent of McCandliss; had he already seen these?

I am somewhat sceptical about some of Lazar’s work, especially ‘element 115’ and what are called
‘islands of stability’..i questioned John Lear about that & he went into a huff and would no longer talk to me.

I learned later that he was by his own confesion, working for the CIA….Honeypot again?
But much of Lazar’s work has been verified, if a stable version of 115 does exist, we need to know.
(send me some to play with please)
Here is an in-depth analysis of Lazar’s original A51 ufo film;

Then there are the works of Otis T. Carr;

There are many wild claims about this one, i am ignoring the rainbow crystal control & just concentrate on the mechanical & electrical aspects of the

The Keshe Foundation;

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