Guam just released a two-page fact sheet on how to survive a nuclear attack

The fiery rhetoric between the President of the United States, Donald Trump and the Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un has ramped up to ever ferocious levels in the past week.

Guam officials tell citizens how to survive a nuclear attack

Observing these two rather volatile characters engage in such a public spat has left many with the fear that the world could be facing the genuine possibility of a war between two nuclear powers. While many experts say that the North Koreans have no intention of genuinely drawing the first blood and provoking the United States into a nuclear conflict, others are taking the threat very seriously.

The closest region of the United States to North Korea is Guam, a tiny American territory which lies in the Pacific Ocean. In the past week, Kim Jong-Un has specifically threatened the small island territory with a nuclear attack should the United States continue with its provocation. While many dismissed his statement as an empty threat officials on Guam are taking the threat very seriously and have advised the people that live there what to do in the event of a nuclear attack.

The Guam Homeland and Office of Civil Defense have released a two-page fact sheet on their website advising people on the island how to prepare for a nuclear attack and how to save themselves should they come under nuclear fire. People in Guam have been advised to make a list of potential concrete shelters that they can flee to in the event of an attack and to stock up on provisions.

They have also been told how they should respond during the blast, being advised not to look at the flash as it can be blinding and to instead lie on the floor and cover their head as the blast can take up to thirty seconds to travel. They have also been advised to shower with soap and water following the attack to remove radioactive particles but not to use conditioner on their hair as it can bind radioactive material to the body.

Unfortunately, this information may come in useful to more people than just those living on Guam in the future if the furious war of words between North Korea and the United States translates into military action.

Here is the link to the full PDF document:


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