Haiti Earthquake Video ERASED by Youtube


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Haiti Earthquake Video

ERASED by Youtube

Was Haiti Earthquake from HAARP or UFOS?
January 17th 2010

Over 100,000 are estimated to be DEAD from the GREAT HAITI EARTHQUAKE.

13 days before the Haiti Earthquake struck, the fact Haiti is near a MAJOR POINT in the now infamous PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD was put on Youtube in a trailer for a new film from Adoni Films titled PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD.

Now the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD has been 100% validated by the historic death toll hitting where the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD predicted a future tragedy.

Now YOUTUBE is erasing videos about THE PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD and how the infamous SOLLOG predicted the Great Haiti Earthquake.


We’ve been writing about SOLLOG’s quake warnings for over a decade. He has warned in some how HISTORIC QUAKES will strike on dates with 113 in them like January 13th.

Sure enough the Great Haiti Quake struck when much of the world was already January 13th, even though Haiti was late in the day on January 12th. So that’s just ONE OF THE HITS for Sollog.

Here are links to Google about how Sollog has warned of 113 and TRAGEDIES

The second connection to Sollog’s Prophecies is the quake struck the infamous LINE OF SOLLOG, again there are thousands of pages about THE LINE OF SOLLOG, Sollog has been writing about it since 1995, now over 100,000 are DEAD ON THE LINE OF SOLLOG on a date connected to his earthquake prophecies. Here are links to thousand of pages about THE LINE OF SOLLOG

The third connection is Sollog has been writing about THE PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD for several years, again there’s man thousands of pages about it and a song about it and now a movie about it. The pentagram connects so many EVIL EVENTS to it since the death of JFK in the USA, that many who see it are convinced THE EVIL ACTS THE PAST 45 plus years in the USA are not ‘random’ events, the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD proves these events are PLANNED.

Here are google links about THE PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD

Who planned it? Is it SATAN? Is it UFOS is the NWO and US government?

All we know is THE LINE OF SOLLOG and the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD are things Sollog has warned of and he has repeatedly warned of 113 and HISTORIC QUAKES.

Fans of Sollog point and say SOLLOG TOLD YOU SO…

Skeptics can’t deal with the reality, EVERY HISTORIC EVIL EVENT IN THE USA since the death of JFK is on THE PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD and so is the Great Haiti Quake.

Waco, Killeen Massacre, Fort Hood Massacre, Columbine Massacre, VA Tech Massacre and many other school shootings.

911, the Oklahoma City bombing, Hurricanes Andrew and Katrina and now The Great Haiti Quake.

Other great quakes that took many lives are on the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD.

Mexico City is another anchor point in the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD. Near the Pyramid of the Sun. That pyramid is perfectly aligned to the little area in North Canada with a strange ancient Egyptian name, NAUJAAT. It means EVIL in ancient egyptian.

Port Au Prince and Portland are two more POINTS on the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD.

ST JOHNS in Canada completes the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD.

For those who SEARCH FOR TRUTH, the TRUTH is obvious, random acts of historic EVIL are not random…

Some say it’s proof WE ARE IN A REAL MATRIX, a computer program having the ILLUSION OF BEING…

Others say so what…

Some say ALIENS and UFOS

Some say SATAN

Some say NWO and EVIL masters who enslave humans.

Why is HISTORIC EVIL in the United States forming a SATANIC PENTAGRAM…

Why is Sollog’s Earthquake Warnings so ACCURATE and yet the media ignores them and HIDE positive articles about Sollog to promote SLANDER and LIES…


Great Quakes over 8.0+ are RARE, or they were rare events.

From 1960 to 1995 there were only 11 in 35 years.

Since Sollog made his PUBLIC APPEARANCE in 1995, there have been 17 quakes worldwide over 8.0


Why are we the ONLY MEDIA reporting on these FACTS…

Welcome to the matrix…

Staff of 247 News

Sollog is famous for his warning about the COMING AGE OF NUKE TERRORISM…

www.NUKETERROR.com is a famous Sollog Site.

Sollog’s main site is www.SOLLOG.com

To see the trailer for the new Movie about this phenomena go to PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD

Here is the MAP showing THE PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD

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