Historic Hurricane Matthew set to Hit Haiti and Cuba as THE PROPHET WARNED


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Historic Hurricane Matthew

set to Hit Haiti and Cuba


10 Tragedies Past 100 Days as THE PROPHET WARNED

By D. E. Alexander Chief Editor 247 News

Watch Dr. Sol Adoni explain the Pentagram of Blood

They call him THE PROPHET and his Prophecy Songs have made him one of the most listened to bands in the world this summer with over 30 Million Plays on SoundCloud alone.

His name is Rex Luciferius and the Ground Shakes where and when he says and the Winds Blow where and when he says.

For over 20 years his Prophecies have amazed his fans all over the world, but they were released as SOLLOG. Now he is releasing his Prophecies as Prophecy Songs and that is done under Rex Luciferius.

He is a world famous academic with laws of math, physics, computer science and astrophysics named after him under his Academic name Dr. Sol Adoni.

This summer we have been reporting on all the hits his song Pentagram of Blood has racked up in the USA alone. He sang about Cop Killings, Terrorism, Mass Shootings, Natural Disasters including Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Floods. He sang about plane and train crashes as well as famous celebrity deaths. His song warned THE LINES OF THE PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD would be where the events occur. Sure enough 10 Tragedies he sung about in his song hit the LINES OF THE PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD and now we are about to witness a historic hurricane level Haiti and Cuba. Both islands have the Pentagram of Blood running through them since Port Au Prince is an ANCHOR in the Pentagram of Blood.

Now you may be clueless and think Haiti gets hurricanes all the time. The FACT IS

“only six other Category 3 or stronger hurricanes have tracked within 100 nautical miles of central Haiti since 1954”

That is what Weather.com is reporting that such a powerful hurricane tracking for central Haiti IS A RARE EVENT.

Just like the Earthquake in Oklahoma that hit the Pentagram of Blood recently was THE LARGEST EARTHQUAKE EVER in Oklahoma.

So WAKE UP PEOPLE, we have a real life PROPHET walking the earth and singing about the future and he is being validated as THE REAL PROPHET and he says shortly after the year 2022, 99.9% of humanity is KILLED in a ELE (Extinction Level Event) that being a major asteroid strike.

Here are the main articles we’ve written about THE PROPHET this summer as we reported on the historic appearance of the man the world is now calling THE PROPHET . We are also linking to older articles about SOLLOG the name he has used for over 20 years to reveal his PROPHECIES to the world.

10 Tragedies 100 Days Pentagram of Blood
10 Tragedies 100 Days Pentagram of Blood


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Listen to #1 Paranormal Podcast

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