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Whitney Parshall the casting producer for History Channel emailed an Adoni account asking for me to appear on the History Channel.


While I have a pilot in production for Ancient Mystery that my Literary Agent is shopping around, and History Channel produces Ancient Aliens a similar type of show that explores ancient mysteries but claims the ancient ruins are from ET’s whereas my show explains the advanced Lost Civilization of humanity created these ancient ruins, the email was about being on the #1 cable show in the USA instead of the start of discussion to produce my show on Ancient Mysteries.

The email from Whitney Parshall was actually an invite to be on PAWN STARS they want to feature my only known first edition of Nostradamus which I have been discussing with the curators of top museums in the world to acquire from me via a sealed private bid.

So the producer saw an offer for 21 Million on eBay it stated any potential buyer needs a letter of credit for mega-millions to even discuss purchasing this gem. So the owner of the pawn store in the show cannot buy a 21 Million book like the Smithsonian or the Gates foundation can, both of whom my foundation has been in contact with recently as to this rare book.

While a handful of 1568 copies of Nostradamus are known to exist and all are in museums, they are early forgeries. My 1566 is the only known surviving copy of one of the most important books in human history.

Each year the top selling books are:

#1 Bibles

#2 Writings of Shakespeare

#3 Various Nostradamus books

While the Gates foundation paid 30 Million many years ago to acquire the only known copy of DaVinci’s codex, major books often bring many millions of dollars and these mega million buck books are ‘common’, not one of a kind works.

Over 100 Guggenheim Bibles exist and they bring millions if sold.

Over 200 First Folios by Shakespeare exist and they bring millions.

The only reason the book is at ONLY 21 Million on  eBay is due to that is the highest amount you can offer something for on eBay.

Since the show can’t buy the book why do they want me to bring it on the show?

I would have to educated their book appraiser on why this book has been determined to be the only known copy from 1566, then they would have to agree to state publicly it is a one of a kind rare important work and worth MILLIONS due to it being that rare and also to being the gem of my own famous library collection of rare books.

All of these reality shows are ‘produced’ in case you thought reality TV is real. I am a fan of Pawn Stars due to some of the historic items they occasionally feature, none were worth mega-millions though.

I’m far too busy to travel to Las Vegas to appear and then the cost would be thousands for me to go.

Air Travel for me and one of my lovely young girlfriends, a stay in a premium resort in Vegas and Limos around town and food.

Pawn Stars is the #1 Cable show in the USA and it could bring my work a lot of free publicity, but unless we can come to major agreements such as valuation and expenses and compensation for my time as well as editorial control of any footage, I doubt it will happen.

Let’s see Yves Dion the President of TVA films in 2005 who is now the CEO of Quebcorp the 2nd largest media company in the world asked me to acquire Canadian film rights to my movies and the deal couldn’t happen. Why should I give up rights to my films, when I release them to Youtube they will be some of the most watched films in history. They’ve been selling for over a decade now on my network as well without any major studios involved.


So if History Channel wants to cover all my expenses and donate some money to TOH my non-profit Org, maybe I will go for a few days to the desert and pound the best guys on the show, the Old Man and CHUMLEEEEEE.

As long as I get to plug my own books about Nostradamus my own prophecies and explain my 30 Mod Prime Algorithm and PDF Formula which will eventually garner me two Nobel Prizes, I may go.

Ten or fifteen years ago the gorgeous Whitney Parshall could have been a girlfriend of mine, but since I currently have an gorgeous 18 year old girlfriend who is only the most recent 18 year old I’ve dated, she’s a little too old for me now.


She sure looks like the older sister of a gorgeous 19 year old Cuban model I dated a couple of years ago Helena.


Ten years of being single the average age of my girlfriends is what it has always been 18 to 22 years old. Here is the most recent 18 year old that has my attention the lovely Alexandra.


So who knows maybe you’ll see me soon Pawn Stars pounding the Old Man and Chumleeeee the coolest cats on Pawn Stars.


The bitch from casting Whitney Parshall is dumb as wood, asking me dumb questions, so I told the bitch STOP ASKING DUMB QUESTIONS.

My time is too valuable to waste it going on a show with a 22 Million buck book that the store can’t even buy.

Fuck Pawn Stars and FUCK WHITNEY PARSHALLS she’s a dumb cunt IMO.

Hot chicks update my newest 18 year old find. Nicole just turned 18. As you can see I have better things to do with my time besides speaking to broke ass pawn shops about a historic book and answering emails with stupid questions from a dumb bitch that thinks she’s ‘intelligent’. LOL








Listen to REAL PARANORMAL Podcast

Listen to #1 Paranormal Podcast


Books - Sollog - News - Videos - UFOS - Magazine

The #1 Paranormal News Site

Listen to #1 Paranormal Podcast

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