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Psychic claims to have met faceless alien who was holding a bright light

ALIENS may have bestowed Uri Geller with psychic powers when he was a toddler, it’s claimed.

Aged just three, Geller had a UFO encounter on Christmas Day 1949 near the working class neighbourhood in Israel where he grew up, according to a new biography.

Uri Geller


Are aliens behind Uri Geller’s psychic talents?
Uri Geller as a child
Uri Geller as a toddler near to the time he was ‘visited by aliens’
Uri Geller with his mum Manzy Freud

Rex Features

Uri Geller with his mum Manzy Freud

After hearing kittens, the young Uri is said to have wandered into a piece of land at the back of his house.

Suddenly a bright light appeared above him.

A beam of light is said to have then struck him and activated his powers.

The extraordinary claims are made in a new biography In The Secret Life Of Uri Geller, which lifts the lid on the world famous illusionist.

In an interview in the book, serialised in the MailOnline, Geller says how he felt something above him.

When he looked up he saw a ball of light.

He said: “It wasn’t the sun — it was something more massive, something that you could touch.

“It was really weird, like a sphere, just hanging there, shining and strobing, and then it gently and silently drifted down towards the ground.

“Then something struck me.

“It was like a beam or ray of light. It really hit my forehead and knocked me back into the grass.”

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The experience was later re-lived during hypnosis in 1971 when an incredible new detail emerged.

This time he recalled a strange figure with no face.

It was holding a light that became so bright that Uri passed out.

When Uri later recalled this later on TV an Israeli air-force captain came forward and said he had witnessed the same dazzling orb.

And crucially he had seen it “embrace” a child who then ran back into his house with the sphere following him.  

Uri Geller during a CIA experiment

Stamford Research Institute

Uri was subject to tests by the CIA who were keen to use psychics in its spywork

As reported, newly released CIA documents reveal Uri Geller was subjected to a series of bizarre secret experiments that aimed to weaponize psychic abilities, CIA documents reveal.

The Israeli – famed for his apparent ability to bend spoons with his mind – was taken to Stanford Research Institute in the 1970s to have his psychic abilities investigated.

Uri Geller’s ‘paranormal powers’ examined by US government in 1972

A newly released cache of CIA documents reveals UFO sightings and psychic experiments from the “Stargate programme”, which has long been of interest to conspiracy theorists.

The project was the codename for a secret U.S. Army unit established in 1978 at Fort Meade, Maryland, by the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA).

It aimed to investigate the potential for psychic phenomena to be used by the military and intelligence services.

Examiners drawing of the dove
Examiners drawing of the dove
Uri Geller's sketch of a dove


Uri Geller’s sketch of a dove
uri geller cia


The expert’s drawing of a bunch of grapes
Uri Geller CIA drawing


Uri Geller’s version is eerily similar to the target drawing

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