Huge floating craft cannot be explained by investigators


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Investigators from the US-based Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) were left baffled by the sighting of the triangular formation said to have drifted over Dauphin, Pennsylvania, in the US. 

The case has intensified the mystery of a baffling rise in so-called triangle UFOs reported across the US.

And, it comes after reported on two other sightings that had video footage of the alleged UFOs.

In the latest case, the witness was driving at about 8.30pm last month when they saw the bizarre sight overhead incident occurred.

In a report to MUFON, the world’s largest organisation dedicated UFO and other paranormal research, the man said: “My attention was drawn to a triangular object in the sky quickly flying toward me.

“It was low and had a couple of alternating, brightly flashing, white lights with a red light. 

“There were several other smaller, flashing white lights that outlined the shape.

“I was drawn to watch it, so I stopped in the middle of the road. 

“It descended and flew directly over my car. 

“When I looked up through my sunroof, I could see it had a metallic-like appearance, but it wasn’t smooth, and an irregular light pattern. 

“It quickly started a slight ascension, made a quick 90-degree direction change and simply disappeared. 

“The entire event was only a couple of minutes in duration. It happened so quickly, it was difficult to take pictures.”

Pennsylvania MUFON state section director Julia Weiss investigated the sighting, but was left stumped, and had to close the case as an Unknown. 

Roger Marsh, MUFON director of communications, said: “Please remember that most UFO sightings can be explained as something natural or man-made.”

In December revealed there had been a rise in reports of the mysterious UFOs to MUFON, which keeps a global database of alleged UFO and alien sightings. 

MUFON receives hundreds of similar reports each year, with numbers seemingly on the rise.

The reports are often eerily similar, leading to speculation the bizarre UFOs could be REAL.

Many reports tell of a triangle shape, defined by a series of lights, which are said to be in some cases as big as a football field, moving slowly and silently across the sky.

Some believe they are alien craft, while others think they are top secret test craft created by the US Government at mysterious air bases like Area 51 in the Nevada desert.

Scott Brando runs website which exposes hoax UFO sightings.

He is sceptical any unexplainable sightings have been made.

The expert says many triangle UFO sightings can be explained as aircraft and military flares.

He told “The Phoenix lights were explained with two different events. The first was the flight of five planes in V-shape formation.

“This is what the witness saw in that day.

“The second event was the launch of military flares over Estrella mountains.”

He said of the Belgian UFO Wave: “The Belgian UFO wave began as a normal sighting (some lights in the sky) and then spread virally, but it took more time because at that time the media coverage had no internet like now.”

Referring to triangle UFOs generally, he added: “About other similar sightings I’d like to see some reports by MUFON, however many formation of sky lanterns or the launch of skydivers Golden Knights were often mistaken for UFOs.”

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Listen to #1 Paranormal Podcast


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Listen to #1 Paranormal Podcast

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