I suffered ‘secret agent mind control torture because I got too close to truth of aliens’ – Express.co.uk


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Tony Topping from Selby, North Yorkshire, claims to be harassed by “secret agents” and “unmarked helicopters” because he refuses to stop trying to expose an alleged global cover up that intelligent alien life exists and is visiting Earth. 

Mr Topping said he was left depressed and suicidal by “Men in Black stalkers” who left him a “broken man” before he went public and began telling his story at UFO conferences up and down the country.

He now claims to be exposing secret service “illegal operations” that even whistleblower Edward Snowden had kept from the public.

Mr Topping said his contact with secret agent mind controllers began in 1999, when they started remotely targeting his brain with unspeakable horrors.

The conspiracy theorist said: “In 2001 my mind was emotionally crippled.

“The controllers tested a new weapon on me. 


Tony Topping claims szecret agents have been mind blasting him because of his interest in UFOs.

“At the the first hint I found the mind invasion interesting, I was kept awake while asleep.

“Then there was the horrendous stabbing into the head, with it vibrating in concert to music like the theme from the film to The Birds.

“I thought I was going to die.”

He said it was always usually between 3am and 4am when the mind torture took place.

Mr Topping said he has been repeatedly followed by covert and overt agents and even had helicopters hovering directly above him.

He claimed to be a “targeted individual” because he has been in contact with aliens from the age of two, and persistent UFO research since the 1990s.

He said he had also suffered mind torture from evil aliens keen to keep their presence here a secret.

Mr Topping claimed the ridicule he often faces at telling his story, is just one of the ways the spies keep their activities hidden.

He also dismissed claims from others that he is simply paranoid, and mentally ill.

He said: “This is part of it. My controllers would tell me I was insane and needed help, but they cause the insanity with technology then tell you you are insane because of what they have done.

“Their theme was to make me powerless in a nation meant to stand for freedom and democracy.

“But their top-secret goal failed, and I have a duty to tell you about the world Edward Snowden never told you about.

“Snowden did not reveal beyond the electronic gathering of emails.”

Mr Topping branded those responsible for his torture psychic terrorists who would even target his crotch remotely with virtual sexual violations, and he would be sent recordings of himself, taken by his “stalker”.


Tony Topping in a still from one of his videos about mind control.

Then there was the horrendous stabbing into the head, with it vibrating in concert to music like the theme from the film to The Birds.

Tony Topping

He said: “This is psychic espionage, Orwellian in scope and guarded by psychopaths. It has been a violation of my human rights.

“My UFO encounters directed me on collision course with secret covert interests who monitored my interactions with UFOs. 

“I am the victim of secretive harassment by unaccountable agents from an unelected secret police in the UK.

“I was the unwilling participant in very secretive and unethical operations without oversight by an unknown intelligence group. 

“Unmarked helicopters filmed me, I was followed and harassed by some very real Dr Strangelove characters.” 

Mr Topping had little evidence to point at to try to back up his outlandish claims, but, bizarrely formerly classified documents have revealed the CIA in the US was experimenting with mind control and psychological warfare.

In February 2016 CIA files revealed the US secret services services considered using the widespread fear of a War of the Worlds-type alien invasion as a sinister psychological warfare tactic.

The potential weapon was discussed in a memo from Marshall Chadwell, assistant director of Scientific Intelligence, to General Walter Bedell Smith, CIA Director of Central Intelligence, which was sent in October 1952, when the CIA was deeply involved in investigating the UFO and flying saucer phenomena following an explosion in sightings.

The memo was sent at the height of the Cold War and considered if the number of UFO sightings could be predicted or controlled or, more sinisterly, even “used from a psychological warfare point of view, either offensively or defensively”.

This month, a further release of files gave details of a Mind Control project known as Stargate.

[embedded content]

The program launched in the 1970s and lasted for two decades, exploring reports of so-called psychic phenomena that originated behind the Iron Curtain and around the world, and conducting experiments testing “mind control” techniques. 

The project’s goal was “to establish a program using psychoenergetics for intelligence applications.”

Files showed Uri Geller was tested as a “psychic warrior” for the CIA and they were convinced by his alleged powers to bend spoons with the mind.

After the revelation, Geller claimed “remote viewing operations” by secret agencies remained ongoing.

He said: “I’m mind-blown they’ve released this because there are still remote viewing programmes active, many intelligence agencies use them.” 

Asked if he had ever worked for MI6, Geller replied: “No comment’.

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Listen to #1 Paranormal Podcast

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