I’m not holding out hope for first contact anytime soon


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I’ve been thinking a lot about first contact with aliens and the more I think about it the more discouraged I get.

First I consider the life of the universe and how old life is on earth. If there is other life anywhere near us the odds of them being at the same
point of us is virtually nil. They are either more primitive or way more advanced than us. Look at our progress in the past 100 years and imagine a
species that evolved to this point a hundred million years ago. They would have tech way beyond us. Probably like free energy, warp drives, anti
gravity etc.

If they are beyond us they probably already found earth. We are just now beginning the search for other planets and if we had the tech then we’d be
sending scout ships / satellites to survey. Imagine being a hundred million years more advanced and finding planets? If we were that advanced now
we’d be mapping the entire galaxy and universe. If aliens exist and are more advanced they probably discovered us long before we even made shelters
or fire.

Now imagine you find a world with thousands of types of life on it. Would you not study it all?

If aliens exist and are more advanced they probably found us long ago and have been with us studying us and know everything about life on earth.

So they probably know about our radios, television and internet and probably studied humans in the past to learn the languages.

There could even be invisible anti gravity probes filming thousands of people’s lives to learn our social behaviour and gauge our morality

Imagine human history being broadcast back to an alien homeworld with thousands of scientists watching and studying our progress.

So if aliens exist and are more advanced we are probably being watched right now and if that’s the case they know how corrupt our governments are
and how sheepish the people are who do nothing to change it. If aliens contacted the government and establish relations it would lower their own
goodness/worth for interacting in a good way with filth life.

Now imagine the aliens are here and took a few laptop computers to access the internet with… look how rude and arrogant most internet citizens are.
So they can’t make contact with them because it would diminish their value.

Who are aliens most likely to make first contact with? Regular people? If that’s the case nobody is going to believe it because they believe the gov
is the best and that that’s who they would contact.

So aliens, if you are reading this I hope you find someone worthy to make first contact with because I’m dying for great news instead of the crap we
get on tv and the internet these days.

Also, if aliens provided knowledge or tech to us most humans would try to exploit it for person gain and power over others just like man does now with

I’m going to guess that if aliens exist they are probably hundreds of millions of years more advanced, they know all about us, but choose to not
make contact because we are Immoral and there is a possibility that by being friendly and providing help in anyway that they could become worse than
us. Doing more bad than someone makes you worse/inferior.

Can you imagine being considered worse than an immoral human of these times?


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