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SELF-proclaimed UFO expert John Mooner has become a bit of a legend in Newton Abbot for his wacky tales and bizarre claims — but now for the first time, he has spoken out about his other-worldly beliefs and how his paranormal passion started.

John recently claimed that he was abducted after a punch-up with an alien in a Newton Abbot garden and has now claimed that his interest was sparked when he was just a boy when his own granddad was abducted while enjoying a nice bike ride.

According to John, his own paranormal experiences began when he was confronted by The Mothman in Buckland, claiming that ever since that night he started to experience sightings of UFOs almost daily.

John said: “I have been interested in UFOs since I was young. It all started when my grandad told me how he had an encounter and missing time.

“He had stopped to rest after pedalling up a steep hill on his bike. He was leaning on his bike to catch his breath when a large shadow was cast over him and the ground around him.

“He looked up to see what could be casting such a large shadow. He was shocked to see a large black cylindrical object that appeared to have squares in each corner. The black cylindrical object just hovered there right above him. He became paralysed and could not move he then blacked out.

“He remembered seeing the strange object start to move away while letting out a trail of vapor as it flew right over Newton Abbot and into the distance.

“He could not believe what he had just seen so he started to make his way home. Later on after arriving home he realised he had missing time of about an hour and knew that it should only take about ten minutes to get home.

“This story has intrigued me and it still does to this day. From that moment on I took a huge interest in Ufology and the paranormal.
“There was no internet available to the public back then so I would read books on the subject and watch TV Documentaries.”

John says that his own ‘real adventure’ began in the summer of ’93 — making the wacky claim that he was confronted by a being with bat wings and no head in Buckland.

“My real adventure into the unknown began back in the summer of 1993 when I had an encounter with mothman in broad daylight,” added John.

“This sighting took place at Buckland, Newton Abbot.

“This strange mothman creature had bat-like wings and had no visible signs of a head on it’s body. On it’s chest there appeared to be red glowing eyes. As if this wasn’t strange enough the creature was wearing heavy looking well made black boots that had downward facing triangles on them.

“The mothman creature flew off into the distance over the town and out of sight. I was left standing shocked, shaking and paralysed in fear by what I had just seen.

“After this sighting I have been encountering UFOs and other strange phenomenon on a daily basis.

“I have witnessed things that should not exist.

“Ufology is definitely an interesting field for discovery and my adventures into the unknown continue to this day.”

Just a few days ago we wrote a story about how John’s bizarre claims were causing a stir on social media. Read more here.

However a resident of one of the houses shown underneath the ‘UFO’ said she would have noticed any bright lights above her house.

She said: “All of the houses along here have conservatories in their back gardens, but mine is the only one with the glass roof. It looks like the shape was caused by sunlight reflecting off of my conservatory.

“I would have noticed if there were any bright lights. I’m in most evenings, and I normally keep my curtains open, so I definitely would have noticed.”

But despite the many, many sceptics, John insists that his tales are true, and even claims that the government are trying to cover-up alien activity.

John added: “I believe in freedom of speech people have the right to comment in any way they please. People can be sceptical about alien visitation but it is true, although you do some times need to see it to believe it.

“People I know do believe me and they have witnessed many UFOs and strange phenomena themselves. It doesn’t upset me one bit that some people don’t believe me. None of the comments posted on any of my featured articles have been intellectual.

“I share my sightings because this is a major scientific discovery there is life in the universe and we are being engaged by many different alien species.

“The government covers up alien visitation with mockery and falsehoods. The governments truth embargo has gone on for far too long and we believe that it has to end. People have the right to know that we are not alone in the universe.

“All the encounters and UFO photographs I have submitted are true accounts and other people have witnessed many of my UFOs encounters.”

Wrapping up the interview, John made perhaps his strangest claim yet, stating that aliens do exist, and not only do they visit Newton Abbot and Dawlish in their flying spaceships, but they may even be living there ‘undetected’.

John said: “The aliens are in their final stages of the genetic work with human DNA they have perfected their hybridisation techniques and perfected there hybrid clones who now live among us and continue to go undetected.

“Only under certain circumstances can they be photographed and when they are photographed they exhibited very unusual characteristics indeed.

“I have had weekly sightings of UFOs and other strange phenomena. I believe the main reason why I have these encounters is some how related to my encounter with mothman back in 1993. I urge everyone to look to the skies.”

Here are just a few of John’s sightings over the last few months:

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