Lets turn on TGP of giza


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Describe the dream.

Was Blue involved?

Were there others like you, present?

Was there a conflict or altercation?

Did you see one get turned on and used?

Did you see the electrical arc?

Did you gain a perspective, you could never have directly gotten anywhere else… For example like, seeing the sun, from a much closer orbit

Also, there is a lot more than cables missing.

You don’t necessarily need a “battery” if you could get the original power storage method running. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to install the
same initial powering methods, due to human government constraints. Egypt will not allow someone to modify the outer structure of TGP, in the original

I know a man that will work with you on this. I can’t guarantee he will be willing to do so. He is very specific about who he decides to work with, on
these types of endeavors. Details about his selection process are scarce. Apparently, he makes the decision in such a way, no one knows when he
actually makes that call. The rumor is that he bases it on questions he asks, during normal conversation, but no one knows what the questions are, and
he gives no indication when a question is regular conversation vs part of his test.

Either way, good luck. The air chambers don’t have any conductance capacity anymore, the first explorers to stick their dumbass heads in, were
immediately killed. Not because of some “curse” or anything like that. “Smitten by the Gods” not really… Those air chambers were sealed vacuum,
stupid ass looters didn’t understand what happens when you puncture a vac seal that large. Blew the outer coating off. Separated the top node, from
the dielectric sheath, and the entire NPN grid on the outer wall fell out of the sheath, where sand storms and time destroyed any evidence of it’s
existence. Not to mention anyone within spitting distance was shredded from the implosive effect. (Like slamming a claw hammer into a CRT television

With the vac seal completely missing from all the units, I wouldn’t hold my breath on a “retrofit” being the way to go here.

No more hull coat, no more dielectric/radiation sheath, who knows what else got ruined by the vac blowout, and even if you could solve all of that…
Looters probably stole a large portion of everything that connected and performed logical operations for those systems.

Yay, you found a jet plane. It’s wings and turbines were torn off, and you can’t find them.

Yay! You found the world’s biggest trailer home…


Books - Sollog - News - Videos - UFOS - Magazine

The #1 Paranormal News Site

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