Marley Woods

Having stumbled onto this information no too long ago, I have been doing some research and found this link as to the exact location of Marley Woods. This area interests me because it is just a few hills and hollers away from where I grew up in rural Missouri. I witnessed some crazy stuff out there
on my parents farm, and it seems the whole general area is a host to this strange phenomena.

So it seems there have been actual physical encounters at this site, and there have been investigators there that have documented some of this, but
now the investigation has for some time gone cold? I wonder why? After years of occurrences, I do not believe they have simply stopped. Have the
locals stopped co-operating with investigators?

I would hope this area could be studied more and perhaps we could use it to get some real answers to what all this is about. Being a witness myself
to strange things flying around where they had ought not, it seems any kind of testing or study should over time yield at least some answers.

One thing for sure, if the physical attacks are indeed true, and I believe they are, then we are not dealing with very nice beings.…


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