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‘WORLD UFO expert’ John Mooner’s many claims about alien encounters and ghost sightings are making many people very angry.

The mystery man who signs himself ‘Mr Mooner’ from Newton Abbot, also refers to himself as ‘Chief photographer for world UFO photos’, has made a series of more and more bizarre claims over the last seven months.

While many of us will never see anything other than birds and clouds in the skies above us, John Mooner claims he has ‘proof’ of over 19 UFO’s which he has personally spotted in just seven months – and has written to both local and national newspapers to tell his tales.

Many of our readers are questioning his authenticity and off-the-wall claims, taking to social media to air their views.

Alan Andrew, for example, said: “I’ve given up about reading about this loon.”

Rob Bedward said: “Oh not again… there are plenty of legitimate UFO story’s going on and you choose to cover this guy… can we have some REAL UFO story’s please…”

Paul Aldis said: “How can you be an expert in something theoretical?”

Gary Foster added: “Looks like a flying doughnut with the icing coming off it.”

One commentator on Facebook produced this amusing picture:

L Following along from the ghost…….Image may contain: textUnlike · Reply · Message · · 1 hr

And reader John Crang cast doubts over Mr Mooner’s photography skills, as most of his pictures of so-called UFOs are very distant and blurry.

Mr Crang said: “When something is shot down by our armed forces then i might have a rethink” and he posted this image:

Image may contain: text

However despite the continuing scorn poured on Mr Mooner’s many offerings, he remains undeterred and is determined to share his ‘sightings’ with the world.

So far most of the unidentified flying objects seem to have been soaring over Newton Abbot, although last week be branched out into ghost hunting at Cockington.

And today he claims that he has actually had three encounters with other-worldly lifeforms.

Many of our readers had their doubts over the claim, with lots of them pointing out that the ‘UFO’ was most likely a drone.

Fayleigh Timblin said: “Mr Chief UFO photographer should realise he’s actually a Drone photographer. I mean come on man….sort it out!”

Some of our readers also believe they discovered the answer to John’s bizarre claims, though they didn’t blame drones for his bizarre claims and photographs.

Mike Green said: “Cider has a lot to answer for.”

Clive Duce added: “You lot need to stay away from the cider bar.”

Martin Lee said: “Been at the Scrumpy I suspect!”

The first extra-terrestrial that John spotted was a humanoid being behind the wheel of a spaceship, that he described as having ‘beautiful red permed hair that was reminiscent of the 80s’. Read more here.

Unfortunately the next alien encounter he wrote to newspapers about was not quite as friendly.

In October 2016, John claimed that he was just hanging out ‘down the park’ in Newton Abbot when he came face to face with a ‘grey alien’ that ‘freaked him right out’.

Rather than ‘coming in peace’ with a ruby red perm, this alien – which according to John didn’t have hair this time – fixed him with a stare and started floating around.

At the time he said: “The grey alien was now looking right at me. It had the classic looking black eye which freaked me right out.

“The grey alien then started floating in my direction. I jump back in fight and quickly turned around and started running like hell back through the woods.”

Despite ‘running like hell’ John did manage to stop for a moment to take a photograph, which he believes shows the alien in all its glory, though we’re not so sure. See the ‘grey alien’ for yourself here.

The next claim John made was even more bizarre, as he says he was actually abducted by an alien that he tried ‘to punch in the face’, and doesn’t remember a thing.

Although John wasn’t armed with his trusty camera this time, he believes that the inter-species confrontation was captured by non-other than Google Earth’s satellites. You can read more about that here.

After reading about the abduction that left John ‘speechless’ some of our readers seemed more concerned about the alien than John himself.

One of our readers pointed out that the creature had made the cross-galaxy trip to Earth, chosen to visit South Devon out of everywhere in the world, only to be greeted by an earthling who tried to ‘punch it in the face’.

Posting to social media, John Bird wrote: “And the alien thought I know I’m going to torquay, it’s nice this time of year and bang he gets assaulted.”

According to John, it’s not just humans that are being abducted by aliens, in December 2016, he made the peculiar claim that the other-worldy lifeforms were wizzing down to Dawlish in their spaceships to abduct cows ‘to kill for genetic material’.

John even said that the craft touched-down in the field and then ‘went invisible’ to trick the farmer. Read the fully story here.

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Listen to #1 Paranormal Podcast

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