‘Mystery hole’ found in Tonopah is raising questions


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Is it a well? An abandoned mine shaft? One mother says it’s a danger.

Hector Thompson and his mom Michele discovered the “mystery hole” in the desert west of the Valley while they were out for a walk near their Tonopah home.

They stumbled across the feature they had never seen before near North 355th Ave and West Van Buren Street.

“I think it’s pretty old,” Thompson said.

The hole had no covering or warning signs.

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Hector did what any boy would do, “Throw rocks at it,” he said.

His mom had some bigger concerns.

“It gets dark out here and that’s just an accident waiting to happen,” she said.

She took the matter to Facebook. Neighbors debated, but no one could come up with a solid answer.

“Something involved with the Army,” guessed Hector.  

“I want to know what it is; I want to know what’s in there,” Thompson said,

So did we.

So we sent a camera down nearly 30 feet before hitting bottom. We found mostly trash, a box and a bucket.  

The property where the pit was found is owned by the Bureau of Land Management. The area is not all that rural. It’s only a short walk from several homes.

An expert with American Pump and Well Service Repair says just by looking at a photo, he does not think it’s a well.

Whatever it is, Thompson made a makeshift covering for it but hopes it’ll get sealed off for good.

“They should have something, a warning sign or something put up here to let people know, ‘Hey, there’s danger,’” Thompson said.

A BLM spokesman said the agency is looking into it.

Tonopah is a little less than an hour west of Phoenix along Interstate 10.

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