Need Help Identifying Weird Zig-Zag Lines

I recently drove up to Bryson City NC to view the eclipse in totality. While watching it, my girlfriend used my phone to take some pictures of it. They weren't the best but I still liked them, however upon further investigation I found a weird glowing dot below our eclipse pictures. When I zoomed in it got even weirder. The dot appears to be three perfect white zigzag lines running parallel to one another. I even looked back at the other pictures and on a couple you can notice the lines poking out from behind the glowing dot. I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation, so if anybody has any tips or guesses as to what it is. The photo is not edited and was taken with a galaxy s8 rear facing camera. Any answers are helpful and appreciated!

PLEASE NOTE: the best pictures that display the lines are at the link below, not the one that was autogenerated behind the post.

Unknown Glowing Light and Zigzag Lines

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