North Korea blows up US aircraft carrier and shoots down bomber in new video


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A video by crazed North Korean official Kim Jong-Boom has been released depicting an aircraft carrier belonging to the United States being blown up while a bomber is shot down in a fireball.

Still frames from the secretive organization shows a ballistic missile being launched at the carrier while the captioning on the video states the throat of the carrier will be slashed by a knife.

These horrific portrayals come only days after Kim Jong-Boom threatened the United States with destruction brought on by a nuclear attack.

In addition, Kim Jong-Un has sent warnings to the US that he will reduce the nation “to ashes” with his nuclear strike plans.

The upsetting video clip goes on to state a hail of fire will cause the bomber to fall from the sky once it is hit.

The video footage also unfortunately shows the USS Carl Vinson exploding into flames. This is a nuclear powered aircraft carrier.

US Aircraft Carrier Blown Up By Crazed North Korean Kim Jong-Boom

[embedded content]

Earlier in the month, a statement was made warning United States President Donald Trump that nuclear destruction would be the result if even one single bullet is shot at Pyongyang.

The warning stated that army of the Korean people will reduce the provocation and aggression to ashes with the stealthy Hwasong missiles with nuclear warhead tips as they stand their ground to defend their country’s security and its people’s happiness even if only one solitary bullet is fired by the US on South Korea or the DPRK.

The words of peril were brought on by South Korea as it warned its neighbors to the north have developed a rocket-engine test that promises meaningful progress.

North Korea’s KCNA agency on news stated Sunday that this newly developed engine will move the country forward in securing satellite-launching capabilities of world-class proportions. An intercontinental ballistic missile is also said to be powered by such an engine.

South Korean deputy spokesman for the defense ministry Lee Jin-woo states that throughout the testing, the engine function has been found to have made meaningful progress but possible uses and exacting capabilities of thrust will need to be further analyzed.

North Korea has made the declaration that they hold no feelings of fear toward the US threats of the possibility of pre-emptive action by the military to halt the nuclear construction.

North Korean media ran by the state reports Kim Jong-un had labeled the rocket testing as a new birth of this type of rocket in the industry.

President Trump has informed reporters that meetings were held on North Korean topics at his Florida resort over the weekend.

Trump did not refer to the testing of rockets specifically, the president spoke on Kim Jong-un as acting very badly.

President Trump and his administration members have been using tough words on North Korea since taking office back in January.

Last week, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced a strategic patience policy was over but ruling out military action was refused.

Tillerson stated that efforts, including diplomatic efforts over the past 20 years to bring de-nuclearisation out of North Korea have been unsuccessful. This is a 20-year-long failed approach.

This also includes a time when the US provided assistance in the amount of $1.35 billion as an incentive to take a different road.

If the threat of their weapons is elevated to a level where action is required, the table is holding that option.

Although while an imminent attack is feared, mass evacuation drills have been carried out by Japan.

Air sirens scream as civilians of all ages hustle to take cover in these practice runs.

Japanese officials in the defense realm have produced pamphlets that show emergency measures if a nuclear war were to occur.

North Korea has released threatening videos to the United States before, however. In 2013, a video showed the White House under nuclear attack.

Europe has also taken preparations in the event a nuclear war happens. More specifically, Sweden has been dusting off old fallout shelters in the event a nuclear war begins with Russia.

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