San Bernardino Shootings by Muslim Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik Terrorism Massacre


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San Bernardino Shootings

San Bernardino Terrorism

San Bernardino Massacre

Muslim Syed Farook and wifeTashfeen Malik Murder 14

14 are now dead near Los Angeles from what can only be called TERRORISM.


9 Days ago Sollog released his TERRORISM PROPHECY and named LOS ANGELES as well as New York City and Miami as cities where TERRORISM will soon strike in the USA.


We covered the release of the SOLLOG TERRORISM PROPHECY and how the US State Department then issued their TERRORISM ALERT hours after Sollog warned major TERRORISM would strike again soon.

San Bernardino is a city right next to Los Angeles in California. Sollog is world famous for his many past hits on TERRORISM as well as Plane Crashes and Earthquakes. He is known as the modern Nostradamus as his legion of fans and the media call him.

We have a whole section dedicated to our many articles on Sollog. See our 247 News Sollog Archive.

These are just some of our articles on Sollog and the famous Prophecies of Sollog:

Sollog Predicted Paris Terrorism

Sollog Predicted Russian Plane Crash

3 Planes Crash in Asia where Sollog Predicted

Sollog Predicted North Japan Quake and Fukushima

Sollog Predicted 2004 Tsunami

Sollog Predicted 911

Over and over Sollog has named dates and even locations where historic major loss of life events  such as terrorism, plane crashes, earthquakes and hurricanes have then struck as his famous prophecies have GUARANTEED for over 20 years now.

His Pentagram of Blood is where almost every major loss of life event has struck in the USA for over 20 years.

His Solstice Lines are where over 500,000 humans have died around the world the past 20 years in everything from historic earthquakes and tsunamis to hurricanes and plane crashes as well as major acts of terrorism.

Sollog gave a US Federal Judge exact details of the destruction of the Super Dome in New Orleans in 1995 in open court before it happened and he guaranteed the destruction of of the city of New Orleans by a hurricane before it happened in a US Federal Court case record almost 10 years to the day that Katrina then struck New Orleans.

Sollog has been harassed, jailed and detained multiple times over the past 20 years for his PROPHECIES by the US Federal Government, over his religiously protected writings as one Federal Judge called his prophecies in 1995.

Sollog prophecies are protected religious free speech since they merely warn the world where mass loss of life events will occur for a reason that Sollog has said is his MISSION.

Sollog says his mission is to warn the world of the coming ASTEROID STRIKE after the year 2022 that kills over 99% of humanity.

That is Sollog’s MISSION and he is proving HE CAN GUARANTEE THE FUTURE as only prophets of the biblical age did before him.

The San Bernardino Massacre or San Bernardino Terrorism or San Bernardino Shootings or whatever you want to call it, was clearly warned of by Sollog 9 days before the event struck. PERIOD it is a historical FACT and this event may be the trigger to make Sollog the most famous human in the history of earth.

Imagine a modern PROPHET of GOD walking the earth with an arsenal of Youtube Videos that have clearly predicted every major loss of life event the past 7 years. That is what Sollog has created for his old and new fans to enjoy and watch in amazement as events Sollog predicted are all being fulfilled now.

Sollog has put all his recent Prophecies the past 7 years on Youtube for FREE for all the world to watch. These videos are referred to in a Sollog Prophecy that states his videos will become the most watched media in the history of the world. They make him the GREATEST PROPHET TO EVER WALK THE EARTH as his recent Los Angles TERRORISM PROPHECY humbly proclaimed would happen soon.

Sollog has also allowed some of his older prophecies to be put into video format and they too are on Youtube. Before Youtube even existed Sollog was online gaining world fame with his chilling prophecies that keep hitting and hitting over and over.

Can it be, that Sollog is about to be recognized as the leader and founder of what will become the final great religion on earth?

Sollog has done as some of the religious books prophecized, he set up the FINAL CHURCH or Temple with the TRUE NAME OF GOD in it as the Book of Revelations said would be done in the END OF DAYS.

Temple ‘Hayah is now over 20 years old and as Jesus said he would do, he would return and setup the TRUE NAME OF GOD as the True Temple in the End Times.

‘Hayah is what GOD ALMIGHTY gave to Moses as HIS NAME, when Moses asked the Almighty what is your name, the Almighty replied, ‘Hayah asher ‘Hayah.

This phrase is incorrectly translated as I AM who I AM.

Temple ‘Hayah was founded by Sollog over 20 years ago to fulfill prophecy and for over 20 years a REAL PROPHET has walked the earth showing where over 500,000 humans have now DIED before the events occurred. His prophecieS ARE PROOF to all humans GOD IS VERY REAL and GOD speaks THROUGH SOLLOG.

While some say he is Lucifer and others say HE IS GOD, he says he is THE WORD OF ONE and came to WARN HUMANITY they have been JUDGED and the coming Asteroid strike will destroy most of humanity.

Sollog does not agree with modern versions of religions he claims all emanated from ONE SOURCE, in fact he condemns modern religions for twisting Prophets words.

Sollog says Jesus is not God and in fact Jesus never even existed, hence the reason why most Christians say he is the anti-Christ.

Sollog says Jews have it all wrong and the Books of Moses are not even Hebrew but ancient Sumerian pagan texts.

Sollog says Islam is false since they tried to validate two incorrect books, the book of the Jews and the Book of the Christians are both WRONG so that makes Islam wrong due to trying to verify two false books.

So Judaism, Christianity and Islam while based on threads of truth from ancient prophets have all been bastardized and are now used to create hate, evil and wars, says Sollog.

Sollog‘s take on GOD, everyone has God’s spirit in them so they are part of God or GOD.

LOVE  EACH OTHER is the only message Sollog offers humanity.

Sollog says, “Religion has been used for millennia to separate humanity, so now all religions will be destroyed so the remnant of humanity that survives will believe in ONE Universal Truth that all life emanates from the GOD HEAD and is sacred. All life has God’s spirit or energy in it so it all life is sacred and part of GOD. and therefore GOD”

Many have tried to equate Sollog with the return of Jesus, and Sollog only laughs at the idea. “How can I be Jesus when he never existed”, Sollog has proclaimed time and time again to many who have asked him ARE YOU JESUS?

When some ask Sollog are you God? He replies, “Everyone has God’s spirit in them so everyone is GOD, GOD is all there is.”

The survivors in the future of earth says Sollog are all in 3 SAFE ZONES Sollog has named where only 6 million or so lucky humans SURVIVE the nuclear winter that is coming to earth after an asteroid hits the earth after 2022.

So while the mainstream media fixates on Is it ISIS or Al Qaeda?

Or is it just a Muslim man named Syed Farook described by some as a DEVOUT MUSLIM who along with his wife Tashfeen Malik that created a TERRORISM EVENT when they took to don their military gear outfits with tons of ammo and assault rifles while wearing Go Pro video cameras.

The real question is why haven’t you heard of Sollog before you read this article? We’ve been writing about him for years and all his prophecies are clear and have TIME STAMPS that prove this is NO HOAX.

History will record that Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik are the first husband and wife team to slaughter and massacre so many people that the event is a top 10 event in the history of mass shootings that have plagued the United States for far too many years.

History will also record how this event like 911 brings Sollog to the attention of many new fans so they move to SAFE ZONES so some of humanity can survive the coming asteroid strike after 2022.

Thee End for most of humanity is NIGH” says Sollog, “So start to move to SAFE ZONES.”

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