San Bernardino Terrorism a Government CONSPIRACY?


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Did Government Stage San Bernardino Terrorism?

By D. E. Alexander

Senior Editor 247 News – Author of CONSPIRACY

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First, the most amazing part of this Terrorism event in San Bernardino was that it occurred 8  days after the famous mystic Sollog released a TERRORISM PROPHECY stating the Los Angeles area would be struck with TERRORISM.

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The same TERRORISM PROPHECY gave Cairo as the location for a massacre and warned that a bomb could be used. Two days after the San Bernardino Terrorism a bomb was used to kill over a dozen people in a Cairo Nightclub, so both locations and events were warned of in a Youtube video prophecy by Sollog days before it occurred.

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The media is completely controlled and will not report that somehow Sollog had both locations in a recent TERRORISM PROPHECY video. Now that’s a conspiracy too, how the media HIDES anything about Sollog.

Back to San Bernardino, there are many so-called ‘red flags’ or ‘false flags’ that anyone can spot in this event that even the mainstream media has been pointing to some.

An example of how this event was manipulated by TPTB (the powers that be) is how after only 48 hours the alleged shooters home was turned over to the landlord and then turned into a circus with the media parading through it as well as neighbors with dogs.

All this while the FBI is saying IT IS NOW A TERRORISM INVESTIGATION.

So that means the FBI should be asking when the alleged shooters home was being ransacked, was the terrorism event the work of a terrorist cell, a lone wolf team, etc. The media news anchors watched the walk through by their media of the suspects home live and some real experts on crime were live on air of the usual cable news channels that covered the event and they all shook their heads, THIS IS NOT RIGHT, you do not do this, the government needs to know who has ever been in this home since it is where the alleged shooters allegedly manufactured BOMBS. So there’s a ton of forensic evidence they need to preserve in case it’s a terrorism cell, etc.

DNA from potential terrorists helping the couple could be found on the dirty dishes in the sink, on the rug on the floor, in the bathroom etc. Fingerprints surely had to be taken by the FBI all over this house to FIND potential suspects IF THIS WAS TERRORISM.

To the amazement of ‘experts’ watching this blatant destruction of a crime scene (the home where alleged terrorist bombs were made) live on stations such as CNN and FOX and MSNBC, all of the experts remarked WHY IS THERE NO FINGERPRINT DUST in this home, it should be plastered with dust to see WHO WAS IN THIS HOME.

‘Experts’ were amazed how a paper shredder in the home had shredded paper still in a waste bin near it, they stated the shredded paper should have been taken in as evidence to put back together to see what had been shredded.

So the authorities are intentionally IGNORING major evidence and that points to a PATSY in this event.

The location of the shootings is another problem, it was used monthly to stage a LIVE SHOOTER DRILL, so during the event in this area you had people running a LIVE SHOOTER DRILL.

Eye witnesses describe 2 or 3 athletic men in masks with beards doing the actual shooting, they moved with expert precision through a large area in a record time and escaped before local law enforcement showed up in only 4 or so minutes from the first 911 call.

Just like in Dallas over 50 years ago, several hours later the Patsy or in this case Patsies, were cornered by Police. This time the patsies were seen going to their home and when they saw it was being raided they didn’t stop to see why the home was being raided, so they started a leisurely drive with a ton of police cars on their tail with hazard lights on. The patsies were videoed going slower than the famous White Bronco of OJ and we had lots of eyewitnesses armed with smart phones taking videos of the ‘chase’.

Very close to the crime scene we then had the return of the alleged shooters who were now corned by a Police Bearcat armored vehicle that was handy from being used in the live shooter drill that day. In under a minute the police pumped 400 or so rounds into the SUV, then the news recorded live a lackadaisical SWAT team combing the area for a 3rd suspect.

Again you had ‘experts’ on crime commenting on how the sweep of local buildings caught live by news teams now covering the area looked more like a drill than anything ‘real’, the officers were grouped around each other and had their weapons pointing down and none looked as if they thought they had a real third suspect potentially in buildings they were going into.

Quickly the media started to point a THIS IS ISLAMIC TERRORISM finger at the alleged shooters. He had a Muslim name and god forbid a trimmed beard and within hours the media KNEW he had traveled to Saudi Arabia and gotten a ‘traditional’ Muslim bride.

Lots of people and family were interviewed, they all said how this is not the person we knew who was born in the United States and who was considered a soft spoken shy guy with no criminal record nor history of violence.

It took a couple of days, but eventually the government had enough ‘evidence’ to start to say THIS IS NOW A TERRORISM INVESTIGATION.

The reason was they miraculously FOUND two crushed cell phones near a dumpster at the original crime scene. They also found a computer that had it’s hard drive taken out, not a small task for your average person. Then the final nail in the patsy coffin, around the time the shooting started the wife of the alleged shooter stopped her killing spree to post on a Facebook page not in her name, her allegiance to the leader of ISIS.

It’s almost 15 years since 911, the event that destroyed the rights to privacy of US citizens. There has been some relaxing of the Patriot Act in the opinion of some and yet others say it has even been given more power if you read between the lines of these federal laws. So is this a staged event to bring back tough laws so the government can invade everyone’s privacy.

Some relatives have commented that the alleged female shooter was a petite ‘traditional’ wife who weighed 90 pounds or so and couldn’t even pick up a heavy assault rifle.

Yet authorities now say she was one of the athletic male shooters in a vest wearing tactical gear like a SWAT team member, yet they saw a beard.

Barack Obama showed restraint the first day saying it might be work place violence, yet some in the media that wants it to be ISLAMIC TERRORISM kept saying, No No No, he’s a Muslim, she’s from Saudi Arabia THIS IS TERRORISM.

Lawyers for the family who are now being ridiculed by most of the media for asking WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE they did this terrible deed have correctly pointed to the ‘evidence’ as experienced criminal defense attorneys and said, a crushed phone near the scene found days later, a mysterious Facebook post of allegiance from an account not used by the wife, is this ALL YOU HAVE to say they were terrorists?

Many things just don’t add up, if this was being considered terrorism by the FBI then everyone involved in this event needs to be fired for failing to secure the home and not even dusting it for prints and leaving behind all the stuff shown by reporters that would be evidence IF this was really TERRORISM and not some patsy staged play.

There are many in the ‘government’ that will benefit from a new act of terrorism on US Soil, intelligence agencies benefit from things like the Patriot Act that they use to snoop on every US Citizen.

Many segments of the ‘government’ want US citizens to not have 2nd amendment gun rights, so such attacks with ‘assault style’ rifles pushes that agenda.

Obama has looked like a bumbling idiot in how he refused to go along with the script and called it probably work place violence and blamed the event on easy access to guns in the United States.

Was this a black ops staged event with a married Muslim couple used as patsies?

Many have said how could the mother of a newly born 6 month old daughter do such a thing knowing they would surely be killed in such an event.

Others with expert intelligence training are now saying, the wife was clearly a pawn sent by the Saudi’s to create havoc in the United States. She lived in Saudi Arabia and ex-intelligence officers have explained she could have been trained and sent to enter the United States as a terrorist agent to turn her devout Muslim husband into a Jihadist killer.

Since ISIS has no real pull in either Pakistan or Saudi Arabia where the wife was from, IF she was a sleeper spy type of Muslim wife trained to create chaos, she was most likely part of Al Qaeda and not ISIS.

Yet ISIS is the big new bogeyman the media and politicians need to justify lobbing smart bombs that cost millions of dollars for each shell at rural goat herders that are allegedly ISIS militants.

Companies that supply the weapons for our modern high tech army have been run by a virtual who’s who of ex-intelligence brass such as the guys running SAIC in San Diego, you know the company caught selling toilet seats and screw drivers to the government for thousands of dollars.

As Shakespeare said, the world is but a stage and all of us merely actors upon it.

What was real, what was created, what was manipulated by a terrorist group or an intelligence wing of the US government in this case.

Once again we have a GREAT CONSPIRACY to add to the many other events that some are analyzing and saying some of this looks STAGED as in 911 and the Sandy Hook massacres.

Try to get the ‘media’ to report how Sollog put both the Los Angeles area and Cairo days before the events into a TERRORISM PROPHECY and you see that REAL NEWS is ignored by the ‘media’, they refuse to discuss the Sollog phenomena other than years ago to call him names like a crackpot even though the laws of math and physics he put forth years ago proved to be correct so he is probably the smartest human to ever walk the earth.

What does my pal Sollog say about this event?

He says of course he predicted it as he did correctly 911, Sandy Hook, Columbine, Oklahoma City Bombing, the Paris Massacres and events such as the 2004 Tsunami and the Great North Japan quake that created the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

The reason Sollog KNOWS THE FUTURE is he detected the code in the matrix we all live in, so all of these events are STAGED for humanity in general.

Sollog is the man behind the cutting edge theory in physics, it says our Universe is nothing but a COMPUTER simulation, so we are all ACTORS on the grand stage of the program.

His book on it is titled HOLOGRAM UNIVERSE.


In my opinion the cracks in the Matrix are what we are now seeing in all these terror events, we can now see how our Universe is programming events and now the program is making obvious mistakes to those that dare to look for them…

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