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California Earthquake Prophecy Song

As Rex Luciferius

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The Greatest Prophet in History aka SOLLOG who has amazed his millions of fans around the world for over 20 years on the Net with his PROPHECIES has just released what will soon become the most famous PROPHECY in History.

CALIFORNIA EARTHQUAKE SONG is the New SOLLOG Prophecy released by SOLLOG as Rex Luciferius the name SOLLOG uses for all his music where he sings.

 SOLLOG ‘s beautiful New Age Instrumentals are released as SOLLOG but all the songs where SOLLOG sings he releases as Rex Luciferius.

The recent album of Rex Luciferius titled CROSS ROADS put 5 out of 10 songs onto iTunes TOP 10 New Releases and then the Album was pulled by the first aggregator that distributed it. A second aggregator was used so the Album is now back on iTunes and other digital stores.

The past month Rex Luciferius Songs on SoundCloud have been downloaded over 20 Million times scoring SOLLOG aka Rex Luciferius 3 #1 Songs in 3 Different Genres (Country, Metal and Blues) and over 20 songs have hit the TOP 10 Charts on SoundCloud in 5 Genres (Rock, Country, Alternative, Metal and Blues).

SOLLOG put his songs on SoundCloud for FREE after his first aggregator pulled the original release of his CROSS ROADS ALBUM most likely due to pressure from the FBI that has banned Sollog’s Music from radio play in the USA since 2002 when his song Virgin Mary Sacrifices was thought by the FBI to be connected to the DC Sniper Shootings.

Most of the Songs of Rex Luciferius show off the Booming Bass Voice of SOLLOG which is one of the deepest voices in both Rock and Country. In the song California Earthquake SOLLOG uses his Baritone throat voice in a poetic song about how California is soon destroyed by THE GREAT QUAKE.

SOLLOG‘s cover of HURT the last hit for Johnny Cash shows off the DEEP BASS chest voice of SOLLOG.

SOLLOG sings a full octave lower than Johnny Cash who had one of the deepest voices in Country. True Bass voices such as SOLLOG‘s are the rarest voices in music, much rarer than the rare high Soprano of elite female voices usually considered by most to be rare. They are rare voices but the deep male bass singing voice which SOLLOG has is truly the rarest voice in music.

SOLLOG is quickly amassing a legion of music fans all over the world who are amazed by the Soulful singing of SOLLOG in the classic Delta Blues and Chicago Blues style. The Original Song CROSS ROADS by SOLLOG shows off the deep blues voice of SOLLOG and his Delta Blues version of House of the Rising Sun is destined to become one of the top covers of that old blues song.

SOLLOG writes all lyrics on his songs and writes all the music as well. He is forming a playout band to start touring as Rex Luciferius so his fans can sing him perform what are destined to become the GREATEST SONGS in Rock and Country since no other artist can produced REAL PROPHECY SONGS.

These are the top Sollog Prophecy Songs besides the California Earthquake Song of SOLLOG released as Rex Luciferius.

Pentagram of Blood Blues (USA Pentagram of Blood)

7 Pentagrams (Global Pentagrams of Blood)

The End (Asteroid Song)

Pentagram of Blood (Original release as a Metal Song)

The New SOLLOG Album released as Rex Luciferius is simply titled. PROPHECY. Song’s from the Album are now being released such as the California Earthquake Song to wake up humanity to prepare for the coming Asteroid Strike that SOLLOG sings about in THE END.

SOLLOG says a historic asteroid will hit the earth shortly after the year 2022.





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