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Solstice Lines Prophecy

Solstice Lines Prophecy

Ancient Energy Lines control so much death
Ancient Monuments mark on a world map the ancient lines of death
Pyramids and Megaliths create the Solstice Lines
Over and over mass death strikes the Solstice Lines

The main Summer Solstice Line connects these locations
Easter Island through Nazca and Machu Picchu
Giza Pyramids through the Temple Mount
Megaliths in Russia Gornaya Shoria

The main Winter Solstice Line connects these locations
Stonehenge in the UK to Bosnian Pyramids
Gobekli Tepe through UR
Pyramids in Java Indonesia

Great quakes hit on Solstice Lines around the world
5 Quake Lines run from South America through Africa into Asia
5 Quakes killed many on a Solstice Line created near my birth
Connect the killer quakes of 1960, 1976, 2008, 2010 and 2015

More Solstice Lines that control quakes
Connect killer quakes in 1995 and 2005
Connect killer quakes in 1990 and 2001
These killer quake Solstice Lines point to the summer solstice

Winter Solstice lines that control quakes as well
Connect killer quakes in 1999 and 2004
Connect killer quakes in 2005 and 2015
Connect killer quakes in 1989 and 2010

Solstice Lines make planes crash
So many deaths in planes on Solstice Lines
These lines form the triangles of death
Triangles of Bermuda and South China Sea

Connect these death flights on a world map they form Solstice Lines
TWA 800, 911 Planes, 5487, Egyptair 990 and Swissair 111
Airfrance 447, Air Algerie 5017 & 6289, Metrojet 9268
Concorde 4590, Germanwings 9525, Metrojet 9268, Airasia 8501

Ancient Pyramids and Megaliths form the Solstice Lines
Earthquakes take so many lives on the Solstice Lines
Plane crashes occur over and over on the Solstice Lines
Terrorism strikes over and over on the Solstice Lines

Certain numbers control the Solstice Lines deaths
113 is often in the dates
103 is often in the dates
13 is often in the dates as well as 31

For over 20 years I have warned of these lines and dates
For over 20 years many have mocked my words
For over 20 years millions have died where my prophecies warned
For over 20 years I have been validated as the greatest Prophet in history

Here is the future mankind
Here is your fate
Here is your death
Here is my Prophecy

Historic quakes rock the Solstice Lines killing millions
Planes crash around the world on Solstice Lines killing thousands
Terrorism strikes over and over on Solstice Lines killing many
Assassinations shall take lives on Solstice Lines

After 2022 most of humanity shall die
The great asteroid shall strike and terminate the virus called mankind
Only a small remnant of mankind shall remain
The survivors OBEY MY WORD and flee now to SAFE ZONES

These are the Safe Zones where a small remnant of humanity will survive
High mountains of South America
High Mountains of Canada
High Mountains of North China

Behold mankind I AM the Greatest Prophet to ever walk the Earth
Behold mankind I AM Sollog
Behold mankind I AM THE WORD OF ONE
Behold mankind the power of my Prophecy

Written by Sollog
11/15/2015 C.E.







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