SOLLOG Tweets DEATH WARNINGS to Top Radio Hosts


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to Top Radio Hosts

Howard Stern, George Noory, Art Bell & Jeff Rense to die soon says SOLLOG

SOLLOG warns Paul Castronovo get to DOCTOR NOW

SOLLOG tells Alex Jones he’s SAFE for Now

After 2 hurricanes leveled 8 US cities he named and Mexico had the largest quake in over 100 years as he warned and the Vegas Massacre struck as he said all on the DEVILS PENTAGRAM, the GREAT PROPHET (RABI NABI) aka SOLLOG sent out a very specific Tweet to many of the top radio hosts in the USA saying they were all about to die, he also warned GREAT QUAKES were about to Strike North America.

In a follow up set of Tweets SOLLOG explains that George Noory, Art Bell (we thought he was already dead) and Jeff Rense would soon perish in historic earth quakes while shock jock Howard Stern is about to commit suicide.

SOLLOG tweeted to Paul Castronovo a pretty large fellow with the top morning show in the South Florida that he needs to immediately see a doctor since his heart is about to explode from carrying around all that fat the radio jock has on his body.

Paul Castronovo and his sidekick of many years recently broke up after Castronovo was involved in a nasty scandal involving sexually harassing an underage girl who outed his perverted acts all over Twitter. Our editor asked for comment but Castronovo has been silent. He posted a video today abusing his new side kick a pretty young brunette named Ghia.


Interestingly, SOLLOG tweeted to Alex Jones that he is SAFE FOR NOW and recently Alex Jones is taking credit for predicting the Vegas Massacre and in his prediction he warned that ANTIFA would be killing radio hosts soon.

We guess ANTIFA is now in control of quake technology then (JK), or can it be, GOD is about to clean up the airwaves…

SOLLOG is world famous for his prophecies that have given exact details about many historic events including he named the cities leveled this year by hurricanes and the fact Mexico City would have more killer quakes and he warned of the Vegas Massacre.


The first show for Paul Castronovo after the Sollog warning was all about the sudden heart attack of Castrono’s friend the comedian Ralphie May.


Art Bell died on Friday the 13th in April 2018 only six months from SOLLOGS Death Warning. He says the great quake is nigh.


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