The 113 Prophecy Strikes Again and Again


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ISIS Massacres in Paris on 113

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13 Years ago I wrote what I saw, how the number 113 appears over and over in major loss of life events such as TERRORISM, MASSACRES and PLANE CRASHES as well as EARTHQUAKES and HURRICANES and SCHOOL SHOOTINGS.

TERRORISM has once again struck on a rare date with 113 in it, ISIS killed over 100 in Paris France on November 13th (11/13) on Friday the 13th, even better, since my prophecies often refer to FRIDAY the 13th.

The dead were killed on the Winter Solstice Line I keep warning about as well, so the location was once again on a line on a map I WARNED ABOUT that connects ancient monuments like Stonehenge and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

13 Days ago yet more blood was shed on yet another day with 113 in it, October 31st or 10/31. Once again it was on the Winter Solstice Line and on HALLOWEEN. So we have famous HORROR MOVIE TIES now controlling the News inside the Matrix, first HALLOWEEN Strikes the Winter Solstice Line on 113 with the hit of Metrojet 9268 and the FRIDAY THE 13th strikes the Winter Solstice line on FRIDAY THE 13th. Both dates had 113 in the dates fulfilling my 113 Prophecy and both events struck the main Winter Solstice Line I write about all the time.

My 113 Prophecy with a time stamp from 13 years ago.

My 113 Prophecy on my Site.

247 News Article on how 113 Prophecy hit the crash of Flight 9268

Here is my Solstice Lines site that explains how such events hit certain energy lines over and over.

Here is a map of the 2 main solstice lines in the world that connect many ancient sites such as Stonehenge, Giza, Nazca Lines, Easter Island and Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Paris is on the Winter Solstice Line as is London.

Solstice Lines
Solstice Lines

I write what I see in my visions, then the future just happens exactly as I wrote it…

This is why I am considered the GREATEST PROPHET to ever walk the earth.









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