The Internet is in the hands of 14 people who hold 7 secret keys


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There is an agency out there with a huge amount of responsibility.

This group is called ICANN, which stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

To understand what the group does and why the power held over the internet is pretty amazing, it first helps to break down the reason why they exist and what the group does.

What Are The Seven Keys That Control The Internet – And Who Has Them?

It has everything to do with IP addresses. An IP address is a unique identifier, a specific pinpoint regional locator, which enables recording of personal internet connection points – at the specific device location where connected.

The powerful group, ICANN, operates like the human brain behind internet code. The human behind the wizard, like the guy behind the Wizard Of Oz.

ICANN is an internet force, which enables human beings to find and identify websites, translating numbers into corresponding alphabet markers, such as domain addresses.

Domain addresses are key to the computer and human interaction. ICANN creates and organizes the Internet, via domain names with a domain name system.

The DNS stands for domain name system which names internet connections and names of websites, making them human-friendly.

Computers and devices detect each other via a series of numbers; the DNS transforms this series of numbers into letters. Making the long number chains readable to users, the DNS also serves as an identifier, linking a precise series of letters to the precise numerical chain.

In human talk, ICANN is what is seen and read by eyes; machine talk would use – they are interchangeable values.

If a person with malicious tendencies were to commandeer ICANN headquarters, the ICANN database, that person could control the internet.

The awful person could do something horrible – like set up sites enabling virus implantation and keystroke logging – with the intent of stealing information or disrupting daily system flow.

Not to fret, there is an emergency contingency plan. In the case of a system rebuild after an emergency system-wide failure, a new ICANN network can be rebuilt from the ground up. This is where the power and influence of ICANN members and key holding votes burn brightly.

In the event of catastrophic breaches and digital devastation, measures have been implemented regulating the future creation of a new ICANN – a team effort. A team vision, ensuring team fairness.

If just one or two people were in charge of constructing a new ICANN system, they might structure the plans to benefit – well, themselves.

By spreading innovation power amongst seven votes, or key holders, the odds of a monopoly or a system that favors a select few – is avoided.

ICANN developed this procedure, a digital “due process” so that one vote or one key member would not end up with all the control.

The movements of ICANN are completed with James Bond-like precision, involving coordination and strategy among the seven key members, even for meetings.

There is a master key, comprised of seven different components, activated only upon casting and joining of the seven votes. These seven votes or components are also individual keys sometimes, called smart card keys.

When joined, the smart card keys also become a signal – this is the master key.

In mythic fashion, the seven key holders (can be up to 14 members or 2 members per key) are sworn to secrecy – meeting and congregating at designated and classified locations. It is here that a new master key is generated and recorded.

The master key has dual meanings; it is the name of the combination of seven keys as well as an actual digital code, agreed upon and recorded by the ICANN network master key members.

The rituals and ceremony behind the master key updates are intense and protocol-driven The highest of security measures employed, personnel vetted to the fullest extent, security is said to be something resembling a Hollywood movie scene – complete with bodyguards and covert movements.

One entrant to the clandestine location shared knowledge of group procedure – numerous locked doors, by-passable with the key code and hand imprint scan combination only. Another reported that walking into meeting rooms had to be done in pre-determined order and rooms were fortified and prepared with walls blocking digital signals – ensuring zero electronic communications.

Here’s video footage of the very first key ceremony conducted in 2010. Skip to 1:58 to see the ceremony.

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Listen to #1 Paranormal Podcast

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