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Ultra Terrestrial Aliens

Every since the alpha of life, the alpha of this planet, all sorts of life have come and gone never to be noticed with out thought in time. Some
things remained, evolved over time and some things were just evolved to a point in which it could no longer evolve.

‘Ultra Terrestrial Aliens’ have been 100% of every UFOS sighting in the history of life it self…to the minds that have actually witnessed and or
communicated with them. Humans through time have always witnessed them in the air, some times forming shapes to communicate, dances and other fields
of communication that they have used for ions.

Some time in history, the ancients on the ground communicated with them and its fact because of the triangle formation in which they communicate still
today, in this time. The pyramid was built because of them, not just in one place but also everywhere on your planet in which it was seen.

Ancients called them angels, and in time the names jumped sole because of what specifically the mind and eye perceived it. Angels, lights, orbs,
falling stars, the lost stars, and now in your period UFOs.

Unidentified flying object…but this program is identified, identified in the minds, that it is a ship ,with an alien from outer space, a ship that
has reverse engineering and can fly from earth to the Milky Way in 4 seconds.

Every body in the world has witnessed these unexplained lights in some form or fashion either in triangle formation arrow formation, box this that

If its one thing every mortal on this earth has realized is that out of 99.99% of sightings no body was ever connected to theses…lights ,orbs 3
flying saucers 1 flying saucer etc etc.

My team and I have been following these lights for over 20 years and I use lights and such because that’s the most fitting program for you to

For the next 5 minutes of your life I would like ask you to please delete, the following programs’ from your main frame 7 minutes at the most.

I would like you to delete or simply put in a folder, these following programs aliens in space ships not just any space ships but all space ships, and
every single book that you have ever read delete every sci-fi movie and I just need you to open this file.
UTA file
After…going through a lot of time energy and space, I realized that, this site has its hands deep in the cookie jar, very amazing whom such a site
has as…‘friends‘, I would perceive. I just wanted you to give a message to ‘One’ of your ‘Specific’ networking associates , not even a
message ,just a simple silly ‘I heard this’ ha-ha conversation‘, nothing serious ,you don’t have to give specifics.I need you to just bring up
and say; hey, some ass hole on the net is talking about the lights are starting to walk ha-ha, something about if they learned to walk what are the
contingency planes for it what will our military do…loll what a lunatic…

I ask you to do this, not for me, not for you, but for the future of Humankind. I need you to get the word out, they are not being shy any more, your
newest videos will have them at eye level, your newest videos will have them actually trying to learn to touch earths ground.

Dear world government. In the year 2020, June 5th you will be in for a treat as all 75 of your programs that you have embedded in the populace will
all crash down at 3:24 pm june 5th 2020, Your saucer your cylinder your triangle ships ,your green aliens blue and red will all be no more, what
program will you use once the light turns on and the darkness of all of your prestigus programs come tumbling down.

Moreover, once the world finds out why the pyramids were built, why the flying triangular pyramid on the back of the dollar bill and why the
illuminate worships these beings it will all be out in the opening, what will the world do, what will happen? What will happen when they touch the
earth and learn to walk?

I understand believe me… you cannot shoot at it; you cannot shoot a missile at it, what are you going to do, what happens when they learn to walk
and if one starts to walk suppose they all learn to walk.

I humbly ask you skeptic and Springer that you bring this to the attention of your…special friend. Thank you for listning iml527.

Dear manegalienment of above top…im sorry ,all this Astra ling and realm jumping has completely caused my entire side of my left brain to stop
working… to the OVERLORDS OF ABOVE TOP…where is the back space I forGot.To the ones that over look the huma..please bare with me,my brain is,not
so good today.

To management of ats I’m sorry that I didn’t include you in this conversation, you know more than me and have already probably been working on
this every since…well any way. I just wanted tell this to Springer and overlord…because they are ‘(Human~Civilians)… you can help if you

If you do this Springer and skeptic the world would really appreciate the heads up, it will be noted in the history books of life.

In addition, with that being said I will give you an ultra secret.

Greatest secret ever told to earth copy written by iml527 march something 3017.

When these Ultra Terrestrial Aliens form that triangle shape… in the middle of that triangle shape, is nothing but another galaxy, another time, a
time in space that’s opened.

but this is old news.

So trust me, I understand the power these things poses, I understand how fast they fly, I understand how they can just disappear and reappear in
another region, trust me it’s duly noted in our books as well as yours…‘Management’

Nevertheless, it is just going to be one, this one particular one will touch down in 2020 but what will happens if they all learn to walk, what are
the plans?

[embedded content]

[embedded content]

You have two choices tell the populace or have your entire army spread in every state and try to commutate with it.
I ask you this because you are not going to be the first to encounter this event, a city will encounter and police and others will act very reckless
towards it,the first 3 minutes of this event is crucial for that’s the only window we could open.

You have a little less than 3 years.

Dear management please do not take it personnel as if I know Springer and Overlord please do not take it out on them. I am just the messenger sending
a message so another messenger can deliver another message.


IML527 Message sent to 2017, March 9 from March 9 3017 to a classified location that is
‘Above Top Secret’

Those two choices above are the only ‘2 periods’ of time, that we could produce to fit in that particular time frame, with out overly adjusting
time it self ,we see no other choice, we see no other way.

With out going into specifics some time in your past history they touched down what happened when they landed was…………

I’m not asking you to believe me, i’m just asking you to talk to that one specific person and just mention a very humorous way, you know these
people but you don’t know them and if you feel that your life will be in danger,i’m pretty sure…’your’…’Management’ will protect you,please don’t
send your henchman after me.

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Listen to #1 Paranormal Podcast


Books - Sollog - News - Videos - UFOS - Magazine

The #1 Paranormal News Site

Listen to #1 Paranormal Podcast

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