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This is my first post to UFOs! I'm happy to be a part of this community and love lurking (easing into more activity, I promise). What I want to share ...
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Open Minds UFO News

Witness says UFO was partially 'transparent'
Open Minds UFO News
... an Unknown. Hindman is a city in Knott County, Kentucky, population 777. Please remember that most UFO sightings can be explained as something natural or man-made. The above quotes were edited for clarity. Please report UFO activity to

About 2.25 am 21june i was awoken by brilliant light in the bedroom. i first thought it was next door rear lights, but too bright. the light went out, but was replaced by a bright orange glow coming from the se of the house. i went in that direction and observed a dumbell shaped light and item in the sky, at around 45 degrees. i looked at it for some minutes but was driven back inside by the heavy rain. i mentioned this to the next door neighbour, but they experienced nothing. there has been no press or tv mention. the object did not move while i was looking toward it. about an hour later the light went out. it was raining heavily throughout the sighting.
I was driving south on highway 27 south, about 5 miles south of mt. ida, arkansas. noticed a white fuzzy round light, with a slight tail, moving west just below the mountain ridge line that runs east and west. moving at a moderate rate, about like a helicopter would. thought it was a helicopter at first, but it was a round ball of light and it was around 3 pm with absolutely clear vision. it went behind a lower ridge line and i drove on past the location. it was only visible for about five to ten seconds. the distance was about half a mile, which was easy to estimate because it was below the ridge line and went behind another lower ridge line. so i had an exact estimate of the distance to the object. i was a pilot in the service and am quite familiar with identifying objects in the sky. no doubt in my mind it was not a traditional aircraft.
When i was 16 living in my parents house at the time i got up in the night to use the upstairs bathroom at 4.30 am gmt, i seen a pulsating round ufo from the window that looked like the sun which was flying slowly at a low altitude passing over a coal mining area (now closed) which was followed by 3 black helicopters, the ufo was bigger than the helicopters and i watched them slowly pass by for 10 seconds. i dont think ive ever told this story to anyone before but after seeing your tv show hanger 1, i thought of what i saw when i was 16 and thought you might be interested and it was something ill never forget. i hope this information helps in anyway to you. thanks for reading dave b
1. astroimaging with telescope 2. seeing the sky 3. im used to see airplanes, and meteors,but its a very unusual object, none of common objects ever saw 4. straight line, but not fast, like a arriving plane. 5. its a very unusual sighting as i said, i felt fear and excitement at the same time. it simply vanished when it reaches low altitude (aprox. 50 meters altitude)

The shock sighting that sparked global UFO myth 70 years ago... and it's not Roswell
Less than two weeks before the more famous Roswell incident of July 1947, when it is alleged that a flying saucer crashed in the New Mexico desert, Kenneth Arnold saw nine "UFOs" flying at high speed. Mr Arnold, 32 at the time, said he was flying from ...
The UFO Festival is coming to RoswellEl Paso 411

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Last night I was laying in bed winding down, watching some Sons of Anarchy on Netflix when I happened to look out my window and caught something fly across the ... submitted by /u/glow100 [link] [comments]

El Paso 411

The UFO Festival is coming to Roswell
El Paso 411
The Amazing Roswell UFO Festival is taking place on June 29 through July 2. The festival is celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Unidentified Flying Object that entered the atmosphere of the earth and descended in Roswell, New Mexico, allegedly.

Secret dossier is believed to relate to a close encounter that’s often described as the UK’s very own ‘Roswell’ incident      The National Archive has opened up a cache ...
Drawing by Franco Di Marco      Franco Di Marco and his brother, employees of his machine shop were startled in witnessing more than 9 Unidentified Flying Objects over the ...
I was looking at the stars in the south and admiring them per usual when i notice one that's a bit brighter, it seems as if it knew i took interest because as soon as i focus my attention to it the thing flies off. when it did though i believe i saw it change directions, but it was traveling very fast. at first i believed it to be a bit of a glare in my glasses but when it started moving i knew it wasn't. when it flew off it went from stationary to a very fast speed almost instantaneously from what i could discern it looked to be either spherical or disc/saucer shaped. after it happened i just stood there, almost unable to wrap my mind around what i'd just seen, just to check and make sure i was sane i looked at where it had been sitting, and sure enough it was gone. i lost sight of the object when it flew over some trees.
Siting began about 9:45 pm on 6/22/17 in corvallis or. saw a flickering light in the sky that could easily be mistaken for a star. lots of stars out, clear night, clearly not behaving the same. the light pulsed and flickered in a non-rhythmic manner with infrequent flashes of color-especially red and pink. it seemed to high to be a drone and was stationary for at least 20 minutes. there were times that it seemed to perhaps shift slightly, but it is unclear if that was just a perceptual distortion. there were other times i thought i saw faint lights moving either toward or away from the object. these happened very fast/fleeting. again, because of this, hard to say if this was some kind of illusion or distortion? at another point, i felt as if i could "sense" or see a larger object connected to the light, again, not sure if an illusion. i actually felt a bit scared at times during the event, despite the fact that i have always wanted to see a ufo. at one point, i got a mental image of aliens that was kind of menacing. my mental image showed them with bad intent. the attached video is 30 seconds of a 2 min. clip. i took 3 other videos, all fairly similar, one of the others i use to show perspective and a nearby bright star, etc.Also, the movement in the video is from the moving of the phone. the object was not moving-stationary.
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They come and visit me regularly,little greys they are loving and in no way evil. i hold a cute baby one and am very close to him,i do not want any of them harmed they are sweet and loving. i see one that is a bit taller called dor and a pure white female called olympia i have known these guys for 25 years and are teaching me stuff. people do not need to fear them they they are loving and kind,i love them very much and don't want anything to happen to them they have helped my life. they are so cute and beautiful no way scary

Toronto Star

UFO researcher says new documentary exposes 'what the secret agenda has been'
Toronto Star
His affinity for the spotlight and his willingness to dive deep into areas of the subject where other UFO researchers fear to tread have painted him with a broader target for contention than many of his contemporaries. He is at it once again with the ...


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