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The Finding UFO YouTube channel has released two separate videos showing triangle shaped objects filmed by stunned onlookers.

It comes after exclusively revealed in December there had been a rise in reports of the mysterious UFOs to the US-based Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), which keeps a global database of alleged UFO and alien sightings. 

MUFON receives hundreds of similar reports each year, with numbers seemingly on the rise.

The reports are often eerily similar, leading to speculation the bizarre UFOs could be REAL.

Many reports tell of a triangle shape, defined by a series of lights, which are said to be in some cases as big as a football field, moving slowly and silently across the sky.

Some believe they are alien craft, while others think they are top secret test craft created by the US Government at mysterious air bases like Area 51 in the Nevada desert.

In the first new video released by Finding UFO, said to have been filmed over National City, near San Diego in California, three orange blinking lights appear to hover in a static position in the night sky.

The case was reported to the US-based Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), which keeps a global database of alleged UFO and alien sightings. 

Finding UFO said: “This UFO video of a triangular-shaped formation was taken over National City in California on 23rd January 2017.”

The unnamed witness said in a report to MUFON: “These three fire-like lights were just hovering inside a big rain cloud. 

“You see halfway through that the one on the left starts to fade away or go into the horizon. 

“My batteries were low on my cell phone but after this video a fourth light appeared to the right of the street lamp and the one that had disappeared re-appeared.”

The second video released by Finding UFO, was filmed nearby in San Diego.

It was described as a silent triangular UFO in a separate report to MUFON.

The witness, who has not been named, said in their report: “It slowly moved in our direction west to east from above La Jolla Shores.

“As I filmed it it began to hover over us. Its lights were solid and did not blink, except from one light that was red that would blink unlike other aeronautical blinking lights I have seen.

“There were two rectangular light illuminations on the side of the triangle that were located at the tip of a corner appearing to be a sort of cockpit. 

“It did not leave any trails, or make any sounds when it travelled by. 

“I knew that this was a UFO and was certain because it resembled nothing I have seen before. 

“It eventually flew over our apartment building out of sight. This craft did not make any sounds as it passed by.”

The most infamous mass triangle UFO sighting was the Phoenix Lights incident of March 13, 1997, over Arizona, which had its twentieth anniversary this week.

Five lights were seen in a formation by thousands of people over three hours from 7.30pm to 10.30pm.

The sightings took place across a 300-mile area from Phoenix to Tucson.

It was blamed by officials as military flares at the time.

Another mysterious case was the Belgian UFO wave from November 1989. 

Thirty different groups of witnesses, and three groups of police officers, reported seeing on November 29 a large object flying at low altitude. 

The craft was described as “flat, of triangular shape, with lights underneath”, and being silent as it slowly moved across Belgium towards the Netherlands and Germany.

Scott Brando runs website which exposes hoax UFO sightings.

He is sceptical any unexplainable sightings have been made.

The expert says the Phoenix Lights Incident was explained as aircraft and military flares.

He told “The Phoenix lights were explained with two different events. The first was the flight of five planes in V-shape formation.

“This is what the witness saw in that day.

“The second event was the launch of military flares over Estrella mountains.”

He said of the Belgian UFO Wave: “The Belgian UFO wave began as a normal sighting (some lights in the sky) and then spread virally, but it took more time because at that time the media coverage had no internet like now.”

Referring to triangle UFOs generally, he added: “About other similar sightings I’d like to see some reports by MUFON, however many formation of sky lanterns or the launch of skydivers Golden Knights were often mistaken for UFOs.”

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Listen to #1 Paranormal Podcast

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