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CHICAGO, IL — An answer as to why so many unidentified flying objects appear in the sky may take awhile to figure out, but a national UFO expert can already tell us how often sightings are reported. The “UFO Sightings Desk Reference,” a book chronicling all documented UFO sightings in the United States from 2001 to 2015, is the result of a year of work by Cheryl Costa and her wife, Linda Miller-Costa. It includes almost any UFO-related data imaginable including how many sightings have been made in every state, county and local municipality.

Costa — a Syracuse, New York-based blogger — said that on Jan. 1, 2016 she was able to download all 51 UFO databases within hours thanks to “some really good bandwidth” on New Year’s Day and worked throughout the year to “clean up the data process” and package the information in easy-to-understand tables and graphs.

The information shows that not only have thousands of UFOs been reported in Illinois during the 15 years reported in the study but also that Illinois, and more specifically Cook County, is actually a hotbed for UFOs.

“Illinois had four or five counties in the top 100 and Cook County was third in the nation,” said Costa. “Illinois was number 8 in the country with 4,191 reported sightings in 15 years.”

Those are just sightings, however, and Costa admits that her study does not explain what the unidentified objects were or why or how they got there. She says she has her own theories, including one that from just the number of reported sightings would indicate that it would be too much for them to be all government test crafts.

“This is just the data,” she says, noting her project looked at data from all the major reporting agencies and that the “hoax factor” in reports of this detail is only “about 2 percent.”

“When people make these reports, it is like filling out a credit card application,” Costa said. “The reports are very detailed, and from going through them week after week, the majority seem to be people who were genuinely in shock that they saw something amazing.”

Data shows the number of UFO sightings by year in Illinois from 2001 until 2015.

Costa provided a further breakdown of the data to show the number of reports made in the two counties with the most Chicagoland municipalities. Quite a few numbers stood out when looking at just the number of UFO reports made from 2001-2015 in Cook and Will counties.

The only city, village or town not to have any UFO sightings during that time frame was Homewood, according to Costa. Fairly surprising considering the village of Homewood was home to nearly 20,000 people at the time of the 2010 U.S. Census and is in the top half of Cook County municipalities when it comes to population.

By contrast, Forest Park is a village with about 5,000 less people and had 21 UFO sightings during the time period.

In Cook County, the south suburbs ruled when it came to UFO sightings compared to their northern and western counterparts. Oak Lawn (54 sightings), Orland Park (52) and Oak Forest (38) were all in the top five in the county.

But it was another south suburb that trumped all of those three combined and can safely say it is the “UFO Capital of Chicagoland.”

Tinley Park had 168 UFO sightings during the test period. That’s more than half of all of Will County (283).

“I noticed when putting the book together that the numbers for Tinley Park were high,” Costa said. “Really high. Unusually high.”

Tinley Park’s apparent attraction to the unexplained is nothing new, however. Patch Editor Joe Vince chronicled numerous reported sightings from Tinley Park Patch readers in 2012 and 2013.

Several of the more than 100 reported sightings from Tinley Park are likely to have come on August 21, 2004, when a well-documented incident regarding a set of three lights appearing in the sky became known throughout the south suburbs as the “Tinley Park Lights.”

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Michael Newren of Tinley Park can remember two separate sightings of his own.

He remembers being with two others at Volunteer Park as a teenager in 2005.

“Lights were spotted high in the sky near 179th Street,” Newren remembers. “It was not that far up in the sky. Three red lights moving in and out.”

WATCH: Remembering The ‘Tinley Park Lights’ Phenomenon

[embedded content]

About a year later, in 2006, Newren said he was sitting in a hot tub at a friend’s house, again, right off 179th Street.

“I looked up and again it was following that I-80 path,” he said. “Must have been around 179th and 94th Avenue. Three of us saw these lashes in the sky running east in the sky along 179th. They kept flowing east until they were past the horizon.”

Directly east of Tinley Park on 179th Street is Country Club Hills, then it’s Hazel Crest and just east of that is Homewood: the town with no reported UFO sightings in 15 years. Go figure.


  1. Chicago: 561
  2. Tinley Park: 168
  3. Oak Lawn: 54
  4. Orland Park: 52
  5. Oak Forest: 38
  6. Palatine: 30
  7. Schaumburg: 27
  8. Forest Park: 21
  9. Arlington Heights: 20
  10. Park Ridge: 16

Tinley Park was a clear second in Cook County according to Costa’s numbers, but Chicago’s 561 reported sightings isn’t as much of a surprise considering the city is the third largest in the entire country.

Costa included data in her from from both MUFON and the National UFO Reporting Center Online Database, the two most prominent UFO reporting agencies that exist. Her numbers include any form of unidentified object, and notes that most have been triangle and sphere shapes.

“It’s everything from simple lights to the heavy duty sightings,” she said.

Her book has already become a successful seller since it was first made available on Amazon in March. You can check it out here.


  1. Plainfield: 47
  2. Joliet: 42
  3. Mokena: 25
  4. Frankfort: 24
  5. Bolingbrook: 22

Will County was third in Illinois when it came to number of sightings during the period of the study behind Cook and DuPage County, which accounted for 321.

WATCH: Another Alleged Extended UFO Sighting In Tinley Park

[embedded content]

Photo: The “Tinley Park Lights” are photographed during a well-documented incident from August 21, 2004. Via Patch Archive

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Originally published June 26, 2017.

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