UFOs ‘Official’ History Part 1 : Before the Saucers Came


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Foo ‘Down Under’

More recently, due to the diligence of researcher Paul Dean, it seems that something strange may have also been reported south of Gasmata, New Britain
(or North of Queensland, Australia) on the 10th Sept 1943. This is information hidden away in old SECRET WWII documents. The information appears to
have been transmitted or routed via Brisbane, Australia.

“Cylindrical yellow objects 3 by 6 feet have been reported in various locations in areas south of GASMATA. Also SOPAC (South Pacific) area recently
reported that similarly described objects exploded upon approach of aircraft. This reported by Com 7th Flt. Request all available information these
objects and possible means of actuation.”

Although it is speculation, Paul Dean considers this may refer to a previously unknown WWII UFO report.

Japanese forces were not using rockets or missiles during WWII. No one was. So the description of “Cylindrical yellow objects 3 by 6 feet…” begs
to be matched with something else….

A further document date Sept 29th 1943 adds further mystery.

No. C-6161, Sept. 29, 1943. To AGWAR from CINC SWPA Signed MacArthur. Complete report on suspected attempts at radar countermeasures made reference
your 8398 25th is being prepared and will be forwarded by air mail. Phenomenon possibly related to that observed in NEW GEORGIA has been recorded and
will be described in detail…..

The reference to CINC SWPA (Commander-in-Chief South West Pacific Area) MacArthur would mean General Douglas MacArthur, who was the Supreme Commander
of the SWPA in 1943. Which suggests it was of extreme importance.

So what was the “phenomenon in New Georgia?” Did it have any link back to the strange observations in nearby New Britain?

For more information see : ufos-documenting-the-evidence.blogspot.co.uk…

Of course it could all be something very dull and mundane. But it also shows that there are still ‘official’ records out there gathering dust that
may contain vital clues. Some documents from World War II are still locked away until 2045.

Foo Fighters Conclusions
There are a numerous accounts of foo fighters’ kicking around on the web and in books. What is strange is that many of them claim that Axis pilots
also witnessed the phenomenon and believed they were Allied secret weapons. I can’t find anything more than general references to this. There may
be specific reports out there and the language barrier is the problem.

One of the more intriguing theories is that ‘foo’ was actually a secret German weapon that hadn’t quite been perfected and was unable to cause
damage to aircraft. David Griggs stated that no foo fighters were ever spotted over Allied territory. This circumstantially suggests they were
generated from within German and Japanese territory. But no details have ever been released on such a weapon from war records to my knowledge. Tie in
that with the fact that the Allies and Russians began ‘utilising’ the talents of German scientists straight after the war was over. Which would
mean ‘foo’ was either a technology that remains top secret to this day or was one that the Russians or Americans never got their hands on.

Other theories are that foo was a natural plasma formation with suggestions that certain radar in specific weather conditions would create these
plasma balls. That doesn’t explain how these balls appeared to follow aircraft for miles though.

So I think the history of foo fighters has to remain a mystery for now.

Maybe more information will eventually come to light in the future when more documents are released. But that also relies on enough researchers with
enough resources to look through them.

And there is one thing that still puzzles me:
What became of that Japanese ‘beam’ technology that David Griggs claimed could stop aircraft engines?

Further reading :

Ghost Rockets

The war ended but the mysteries over the skies of Europe did not.

During the summer of 1946 several hundreds of ‘Ghost Rockets’ were reported in
Scandinavia. Many of them were described as tubular or “spindle-shaped” and the sheer volume prompted the Swedish Military into action. They formed a
research team to resolve the mystery. A special committee was gathered together and for six months a group of experts worked on the enigma. Initially
it was suspected that the “rockets” were captured V-1 or V-2 missiles being tested by the Soviets.

On July 15th 1946 the London Daily Mail reported that the rocket missiles reported in Sweden were V-rockets launched from Peenemünde by the Soviets.
Dr R.V. Jones, Director of Intelligence at the British Air Ministry, was highly sceptical of this theory. He thought the reports were triggered by
bright daylight meteors and people fearful of Soviet expansion into Western Europe.

A few days later on July 20th 1946 the Swedes reactivated their wartime radar and tracked a number of objects. A small volume of reports indicated
that the ghost rockets were crashing into lakes and bodies of water as if under some sort of remote control.

One such case occurred on July 19th 1946, when an object was tracked plunging into
Lake Kölmjärv, Sweden. Witnesses described a metallic grey rocket with wings falling into the lake. One witness heard a clap of thunder as if the
object was exploding. However, despite a three week long top secret search of the lake by the Swedish military they found nothing in the area to
indicate anything had crashed into it.

Immediately after the investigations, the officer who led the search, Karl-Gösta Bartoll submitted a report saying that the bottom of the lake had
been disturbed. Nothing was found but “there are many indications that the Kölmjärv object had disintegrated itself…the object was probably
manufactured in a lightweight material, possibly a kind of magnesium alloy that would disintegrate easily, and not give indications on our

A Top Secret USAFE memo date 4th November 1948 reported that after a visit to the Swedish Air Intelligence Service that some reliable and fully
technically qualified people have reached the conclusion that:

……. “these phenomena are obviously the result of a high technical skill which cannot be credited to any presently known culture on earth.” They
are therefore assuming that these objects originate from some previously unknown or unidentified technology, possibly outside the earth.

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