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Many ancient cultures have a reverence for volcanoes that point to those cultures having had major exposure in the distant past to lost ancient civilizations that had very advanced scientific knowledge as to the role that volcanism played in creating life on earth and throughout our Universe.

In my book, LIFE IS EVERYWHERE IN THE UNIVERSE, I explain how planetary volcanism and plate tectonics will be found throughout the Universe as it is in our solar system. The fact that gravity produces elliptical orbits usually on planets and moons means that many objects with elliptical orbits will have active cores producing plate tectonics at some point in the history of those objects.

My work on this topic is known as EOE Theory or the Elliptical Orbit Effect on Plate Tectonics Theory.

Elliptical Orbits ignite the cores of objects such as planets circling suns and even moons circling planets.

Active cores produce the electromagnetic shields on objects that protect the surface for some periods of time in their life from natural radiation from suns and the same active cores that create basic electromagnetic properties of planets and moons produces volcanism.

As I explained in my theory, when you have active cores creating volcanoes and plate tectonics, all you need is some liquids such as liquid water or possibly liquid methane and even other liquids for the thermal heat of volcanoes to create a basic chain reaction upon which all life is built on, that being basic amino acids.

On earth today our atmosphere is around 70% nitrogen and only recently have scientists theorized that volcanoes is why we have 70% nitrogen in our atmosphere. We also have around 20% oxygen in our atmosphere which is why life as we understand it exists on earth.

Humans and other animal life produce carbon dioxide in both life and death. Our lungs take in nitrogen and oxygen and exhale out some carbon dioxide. When organic life dies it usually produces a carbon dioxide based decomposition as well as methane.

Plant life takes water and radiation from the sun and carbon dioxide and makes glucose or sugar and also the all-important OXYGEN.

So only in modern times has our ‘modern science’ figured out how important volcanoes were in creating life on our planet and I’m the person that figured out why volcanoes occur throughout the Universe, that being EOE Theory so we will find all forms of LIFE EVERYWHERE IN THE UNIVERSE.

As you can see from my few paragraphs on volcanoes and life on earth, that volcanoes triggered from the elliptical orbit effect of earth’s orbit is why we have the atmosphere we have with so much nitrogen and why basic amino acids that all life is built upon formed in our ancient oceans.

So VOLCANOES CREATE LIFE as we know it. Now how do you explain such a scientific concept to primitive life forms on earth that have no real advanced scientific knowledge to ensure this scientific fact would last on earth until the primitives caught up scientifically with the civilization that possessed this scientific understanding?

Easy you create religious mythos and teach the local primitives they came from literally VOLCANOES.

Now did ancient humans exposed to a scientifically advanced lost civilization worship volcanoes as GODS?

They sure did, even the Hebrew God El was named from a mountain that was a volcano at one point in time. The beliefs of cultures in many Island regions are filled with mythos of VOLCANO GODS.

Humans are now looking at Mars as a possible planet to terraform so humans could one day breath oxygen on Mars. Humans need close to 20% Oxygen in ‘air’ to breathe or they will die from low or no oxygen. Mars has around .13% Oxygen in its atmosphere not even 1%, so Mars ‘air’ would have to be changed radically and the main problem is Mars core is not that active today, its life was a fraction of the life the earth’s heavier core has.

So in the past Mars had very active volcanoes and oceans and an atmosphere much different than it is today. Mars air or atmosphere is now over 95% Carbon Dioxide. That is the natural result of decomposition such as the evaporation of the once great Martian seas. When the volcanoes of Mars stopped producing nitrogen and the planet lost its magnetic core protection from the suns radiation the planet basically ‘died’. Mars lost its oceans and the atmosphere changed and any life that had at one time existed on Mars died off, at least on the surface.

Now deep in Martian soil we may find microbes and bacteria that still live on Mars and we might find some bacteria even on the surface but it would need to be anaerobic organism or life that does not require oxygen to exist. It may be the Martian surface is crawling with CAPNOPHILES a bacteria that thrives on carbon dioxide and no oxygen. The atmosphere of Mars is now suited to be a great environment for capnophiles.

The major problem with the colonization of Mars by humans is the planetary core is useless now for creating the type of volcanism the planet once had that supported life on Mars in the distant past.

Active cores not only produce volcanism but also the magnetic fields planets such as earth must have to protect its surface and oceans and lifeforms from the suns radiation of ‘solar winds’. Scientists now marvel when they look at our magnetic fields that gently redirect the suns damaging solar winds around the earth. So an atmosphere such as our mix of nitrogen and oxygen and our magnetic fields are why life is still thriving on earth.

Without a viable core to protect the surface of Mars from solar winds and also to maintain a breathable atmosphere through large scale volcanism, any attempt at terra-forming Mars is doomed, the planet is dead, the core or planetary battery died long ago. The future age of a core inside a planet is determined early in that planets formation. What it is formed of and how much material determines the life cycle of the planetary core. Once they wear out there is just no physical way to add fuel to a planets core to keep its magnetism going and to keep volcanism going. Now if something stopped the Martian core from doing what it was meant to do naturally, then perhaps a prematurely stopped Martian core could be kick started to breathe life once again into Mars.

Even if mankind successfully seeded the surface of Mars with a bacteria that produced oxygen and thrived on carbon dioxide the problem then is water and a surface protected from the suns radiation. Surface protection from sun radiation comes from a dense atmosphere that just could not be created overnight on Mars; a natural atmosphere that could be sustained would take millions of years to create if possible. Then solar winds need to be deflected by a strong magnetic core and Mar’s core is pretty much dead.

I just don’t see Mars being a viable planet in the near future for human habitation.

Due to how important volcanoes are in the creation of a habitable environment on a planet, you now know why VOLCANO GODS were worshipped all over earth in the distant past. An advanced lost civilization that had this understanding of EOE Theory and how volcanoes created our environment and that lost civilization explained to primitive cultures that they came from volcanoes.

El aka Yahweh can be traced to a volcano God in Hebrew mythos.

Pele is a volcano god.

Vulcan is a volcano god.

Zeus can be traced to a volcano god.

Fuji was a volcano god and meant fire.

Yes Virginia, GOD was a volcano…


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Books - Sollog - News - Videos - UFOS - Magazine

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Listen to #1 Paranormal Podcast

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