What if Aliens are a part of the fabric of the Universe?


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a reply to: underwerks

I like the way you think in that receptivity to a another 3rd way of thinking about it that’s open-minded to all possibilities. S&F!

We need more people like you with that way of approaching the mysteries of the world – what haven’t we even begun to consider because of our own
assumptions and biases from the more traditional POV?

The aliens, if they’re zipping around the cosmos at FTL or instantaneously, surveying, collecting soil samples, cow tongues, or whatever it is that
they’re up to, playing around with fighter jets, scoping out military bases and nuclear weapons facilities etc., they most certainly perceive our
world and reality in a complexly different context and POV, which would be very very hard, if not impossible for us to even begin to consider, because
we can’t access that information or contextual frame of reference.

The idea of an alien seeing “aliens” that defy their own ideas and concepts, that too is a very interesting idea.

I often wonder if there isn’t still something of value that we might have to offer, other than great DNA as the latest and greatest evolutionary
development in cosmological time and history..?

If we have a role of some kind to play, even as antlike beings, I believe or suspect that our capacity and faculty of humor and a sense of irony and
play might tickle their funny bone in a way that would never have occurred to them.

I think the reason they visit here is twofold, one because of the rarity of truly Earth-like worlds (liquid water over 90% of the surface, temperate
climate over most of the planet, stable climate and tectonics, etc.), and two, because we have something here that they don’t have and are in
possession of something rather special which they find to be truly fascinating, and it’s not how far below them we are, like ants to the construction
workers on a 10 lane superhighway, but how, at least potentially, we could be superior ie: made by design from a first/last cause to contain nothing
less than the Spirit of the Godhead and to stand at the right hand next to the Godhead.

I suspect that their role might be to in some way serve us, say by keeping a watch for ELE meteor impacts, and in subtle and varied ways (that don’t
violate the Prime Directive) paving the way for our own eventual FTL dispersement to the stars and to their own worlds, etc etc.

There are far reaching cosmic, socio-political implications to it all which are probably not lost on them and so they wish to find out everything they
can before we take that final leap into the starry skies.

This is why, I suspect, that when we get there, in some form or another we may find that it was already “seeded” with our eventual arrival already in
mind (which will astound us to no end), so that the universe gets the best of the best of who and what we really are as created beings, and not the
worst of the worst, which would or could lead to interstellar warfare and destruction on a multiple, planetary scale, which I’m sure is a real no no,
for the sake of everyone’s protection and security.

We are a potential security threat in other words, since our evolutionary trajectory from hunter gatherer to interstellar traveller, may be the
fastest progression ever seen (within 10,000 years only). This is why they might meddle in our affairs to a degree and from time to time, to somehow
function as a Civilizing influence on our development as a species, because as messed up and potentially dangerous as we are, we are also the gold of
the universe and something very precious which has brought about our inclusion and not our exclusion from the entire play or drama or cosmic
socio-political matrix within which we are as much participants and rightful heirs as they are.

In other words, they love us, and fear us, and the very last thing they would want to do would be the scare the #e out of us, and ruin our own growth
and development to the point of causing this baking cake to collapse and fold in on itself and become anything less than it was meant to be and to
become in the spacious firmament of love and freedom and as intended from a first cause as a manifestation of the Absolute/Creator.

If we are under some sort of quarantine, then the mere possibility of such a thing should begin to inform our policy positions at the local and
national and international level ie: the policy of non-intervention (I mean just look at what we did Iraq the very cradle of our own civilization..).

And in all of this, I believe personally, that this is the reason that Jesus came here or was born here for a reason and purpose, that there’s no need
for “Him” to manifest there, although he probably did and does in one form or another as the ultimate teacher, because they’ve been
watching all along and spreading the news far and wide.

But if the whole intergalactic hierarchy of powers and principalities is or has become fundamentally Christian, that does not give the Pope in Rome
any special authority as some sort of intergalactic emperor.

And here’s our fundamental problem I think in our own inability to both take ourselves infinitely less seriously and infinitely moreso.

But the joke isn’t just on us alone.

So that’s our job, to teach them love and laughter and to give them an object of universal desire but one that doesn’t covet or wish to destroy but
only to help pave the way for, like farmhands tending a field of which our destiny is interwoven right into the very heart of things, as are they in
this strange dance and relationship that they’re involved in with us, at some level.

Our fates are already interwoven, so that’s the other reason that I think they are here, not just because of the rarity of truly Earth-like worlds,
but because of what can only be described as love, which to be love, must be free to fully express itself.

They are here to bear witness to something of the farthest reaching cosmological significance and implications, for us all, from humans to aliens on
aliens, unto the very Godhead who rules the universe with an indomitable love from which a man came who taught us all, both human and alien alike – “let all with ears (or their equivalent) to hear let them hear!” lol

Best wishes,


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Listen to #1 Paranormal Podcast

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