Wildfires hit Pentagram of Blood


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Wildfires Hit PENTAGRAM of Blood aka Devils Pentagram

Wildfires Hit Famous Pentagram of Blood aka Devils Pentagram

Devils Pentagram
Devils Pentagram

Earth, Wind and Fire (Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Wildfires) as well as Water (Flooding) have all struck the lines on a map featured in a music video from the band Rex Luciferius titled PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD.

Even the Las Vegas Massacre hit the lines featured in the music video.

The songs lyrics are all about how past mass loss of life events have struck the lines and the song released last summer warns many more tragedies will hit the lines on the map.

The band has had over 40 million plays on Sound cloud via their two accounts. One account is their popular originals and the second is the various covers the do of some of the greatest bands in history.

The lead singer is Rex Luciferius and his booking bass voice has been called on music review sites the deepest bass voice in Rock and he is also being called THE PROPHET of Rock and Country.

The lead singer is world famous for his Prophecies issued under his religious name SOLLOG. He has used Rex Lucife for decades for his music and the fact the FBI lyrics banned his music from airways in 2002 due to the lyrics of Virgin Mary Sacrifices being a blue print for the DC Sniper shootings.

Rex was considered a suspect in the DC Sniper case early on and he was also a suspect in the Oklahoma City bombing as well as 911.

The famous Sollog Prophecies predicted all the events publicly.

So why haven’t you heard about Rex or Sollog? The fake media is 100% controlled and what Sollog and Rex say about our FAKE REALITY could destroy modern civilization. Rex and Sollog state our reality is FAKE and we are all DNA programs inside a type of computer matrix.

TPTB (The Powers That Be) realize Rex aka Sollog could become the most powerful person on Earth once people realize his words are creating our reality. He would become a LIVING GOD who could destroy all religions and governments with mere words as humanity awakens to the fact we live inside a computer.

Millions would commit suicide to exit the game many would start to do mass death shootings and bombings to kill as many as they can inside the matrix.

The Prophecies of Rex and Sollog are all time stamped they prove Sollog aka Rex is what humans have called a PROPHET for thousands of years.

Prophets have humbled the most powerful nation’s in history and right now we are witnessing THE GREAT PROPHET aka Rabi Nabi aka SOLLOG humble the greatest power on Earth the United States with ACTS OF GOD one after the other.

The winds of hurricanes Harvey and Irma bought historic floods and billions of dollars in damage.

Quakes are now rocking Mexico City and anchor city on the Pentagram of Blood.

Now we have the baptism of FIRE destroying homes and famous wineries in California.

Rex is now warning great quake after great quake will strike the Pentagram of Blood destroying the cities he named in the 2002 SOLLOG PROPHECY titled 31 Disasters.

17 cities named in the Prophecy have already been leveled by historic hurricanes including New Orleans by Katrina and Atlantic City by Sandy.

6 more named cities we’re leved this year by hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Then quakes rocked Mexico City and then the Vegas Massacre struck and now the historic wild fires in California are sweeping across the West Coast.

All the areas are on the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD. All these tragedies were named in the songs of Rex Luciferius and the PROPHECIES OF SOLLOG.

The following is from previous articles we have run on this truly historic story.


The line on the Famous Pentagram of Blood aka Devils Pentagram that runs from the anchor cities of Mexico City to the Seattle area runs through both Las Vegas the scene of the deadliest mass shooting in US history and the Phoenix area where Congress woman Giffords was shot a few years ago..

59 concert goers we’re killed with rapid fire automatic weapons and over 500 injured in the deadliest mass shooting in US history.

The concert was held across the street from the Mandalay Bay Casino where Stephen Paddock a 64 year old man  setup a snipers perch armed with numerous automatic weapons.

The famous prophecies of SOLLOG warn over and over about such public events being the new targets of terrorists and mass shooters. Several of his famous prophecies over the years gave details of such public event locations being soft targets for mass shootings and terrorism. Some of the prophecies that clearly gave the location are his Pentagram of Blood Prophecies that explain the lines that connect pretty much every historic mass loss of life event in the USA to his Pentagram of Blood that is now also being called the Devils Pentagram.

SOLLOG also sung about this type of event in his famous Prophecy Music in a song titled Pentagram of Blood.

SOLLOG uses the band name REX LUCIFERIUS to sing about his prophecies.

Over and over in the Music Video titled PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD released last summer (2016) by the Prophet of Rock Rex Luciferius is a map showing the lines that form the Pentagram.

A huge red Dot on the map is on Mexico City with the words Great Quakes Mexico City. The other day a large killer quake struck near Mexico  City on the anniversary of the great Mexico City earthquake that hit over 30 years ago.

Pentagram Of Blood
Pentagram Of Blood Map from Music Video

The killer quake hit a week after two killer hurricanes struck the same lines that make up THE PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD.

The Prophecy Music Video had 10 tragedies in 100 Days for mass death events including the 2 famous mass cop killings in the USA last year as we reported, for the Pentagram of Blood Prophecy Music Video of REX LUCIFERIUS who is also known as SOLLOG.

10 Tragedies 100 Days Pentagram of Blood
10 Tragedies 100 Days Pentagram of Blood

The main Prophecy Song of REX LUCIFERIUS is known as the  Pentagram of Blood Blues (Lyrics here) and the Music Video  was released in the summer of 2016.

This year we saw 3 killer acts of God within 3 weeks hit the Pentagram of Blood which included the historic quake in Mexico City and the 8 US cities leveled in two weeks by hurricanes. SOLLOG actually named 6 of the 8 US Cities leveled by hurricanes in 2 weeks in his famous Hurricane Prophecy. Now the largest mass shooting in US history is the most recent tragic most event to drench the Pentagram of Blood aka DEVILS PENTAGRAM with innocent blood sacrifices.


Devils Pentagram
Devils Pentagram


The Prophecy Albums of REX LUCIFERIUS titled Prophecy and Cross Roads were released in the summer of 2016 and they now have over 40 Million Plays on SoundCloud.

The albums have gathered 3 #1 Hits on SoundCloud and put an staggering 25 songs into the top 10 of 5 Genres of music on SoundCloud last year.

REX LUCIFERIUS became a living legend in the world of Heavy Metal Rock in 2002 when his song Virgin Mary Sacrifices named the locations where the DC Sniper later struck. DJ’s in the USA that were playing the song were then ordered by the FBI to never play REX LUCIFERIUS songs on airwaves in the USA making him a LIVING LEGEND in the elite echelons of music where everyone in the know knows about REX LUCIFERIUS and his music that predicts future major loss of life events.

REX LUCIFERIUS sings about Natural Disasters and Major Loss of Life events such as Terrorism and Mass Shootings and names the locations where mass death events will strike and then the events he sings about HAPPEN.

The song everyone who is interested in paranormal phenomena is talking about is Pentagram of Blood Blues (Lyrics here) and the Music Video (released last summer) shows the lines of the Pentagram of Blood that run through Texas including Corpus Christi, Dallas and Houston, as well as lines in Florida and the Caribbean that run through Cuba, South Florida including Miami and the west coast of Florida including Fort Myers and Tampa Bay, all these cities are a major part of the Pentagram of Blood.

Rex Luciferius is the name of the Band that sings about the famous Prophecies of SOLLOG and Sollog’s famous 31 Disasters Prophecy in 2002 named Corpus Christi being struck by a Hurricane, the same Prophecy named New Orleans an (Katrina) d Atlantic City (Sandy)

Since the Summer of 2016 the Prophecy Music of REX LUCIFERIUS has had over 30 Million Plays on SoundCloud the #1 Streaming Music platform for younger music listeners.

Rex Luciferius Original Songs Sound Cloud

Rex Luciferius Cover Songs Sound Cloud

His songs are being called PROPHECY MUSIC and REX LUCIFERIUS says PROPHECY IS REAL and humans are pawns in a spiritual game of GOOD AND EVIL.

SOLLOG warned 20 years ago that in about 20 years Jesus the Messiah would be erased from our line of history since we live inside a computer simulation now called the Holographic Universe Theory. Check your Bibles, the word MESSIAH no longer exists in most major Bibles it was ERASED on May 1st 2017 Supernaturally as SOLLOG aka LUCIFERIUS warned 20 years ago! See MESSIAH ERASED .COM.

Earthquakes, hurricanes, mass shootings and cop killings have all been occurring where the Prophecy Music of Rex Luciferius warned they would strike way back in June 2016 and after 100 days he had 10 major death events happen where he warned forming a SATANIC PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD.

Even more MASS DEATH EVENTS have occurred lately all connected to the MUSIC OF REX LUCIFERIUS since the Pentagram of Blood is where the mass deaths or mass tragedies struck.

The Warehouse Fire in Oakland killing dozens of people are on the Pentagram of Blood, on the outer lines that enclose the Pentagram. The Ohio State knife attacks are on the Pentagram of Blood and a few more minor cop shootings all struck the Pentagram of Blood.

The major bus crash in California that killed many was on the Pentagram of Blood as well.

So we documented in the Summer of 2016 over 10 Mass death events that hit the Pentagram of Blood or the locations sung of by Rex Luciferius and now many more events have also struck his Pentagram of Blood and that is why the Music of Rex Luciferius is turning his Prophecy Music into the stuff of LEGENDS.


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